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Some Reasons Why Prestashop is a Preferred Ecommerce Solution

Reasons Why Prestashop Popular

If you are looking for a robust, affordable ecommerce solution with all the most cutting edge technologies, then Pretashop is likely to offer everything you need. In fact, if you are trying to choose between Magento and Opensource, you will find that Pretashop has everything found in both of these ecommerce solutions, plus many more options. As an added bonus, you are likely to find that Pretashop can easily fit into just about any budget.

Pretashop Features

Pretashop has well over 265 features organized into the following categories:

  • Inventory and Catalogs — This category allows you to organize all of your products, as well as create coupons and other discount programs.
  • Customer group creation — Ideal for creating special promotions for your most valued customers.
  • Order Tracking and Shipping
  • Payment gateway — Accepts multiple languages and currencies. Pretashop is also already configured for Paypal and Google Checkout.
  • Statistical tracking — Find out which products sell best, as well as other cart details
  • Web friendly — You can easily use Pretashop to SEO meta tags, and also provide a secure shopping environment.
  • Seamless integration with Google Adsense — as well as easy methods for maintaining multiple users and accounts.

What Pretashop can do for Your Site

Overall, Pretashop can help you address any number of issues related to the sale of goods and services on your site. This includes making sure that shopping carts are secure and easy to use. You are also sure to appreciate being able to optimize each product description for optimal placement in the search engines. As may be expected, if you are planning to accept more than one form of payment, the pre-built access to Google and Paypal are sure to be very appealing. Without a question, if you have a wide range of shopping cart needs, you are sure to find something in Pretashop to help you along.

Why People are Increasingly Using Pretashop

During the process of searching for an ecommerce solution, you are bound to start off with a few basic needs. From there, as you continue to develop your website, you are sure to want other features. Unfortunately, if you start off with Magento or Opencart, you may find that you will have to spend a good bit of money on upgrades. By contrast, Pretashop offers all the best features right in the base package. As an added bonus, you can always rely on the most modern code and security features found in this particular ecommerce package.

Individuals looking for the newest and best technologies combined with a wide range of ecommerce solutions should not hesitate to find out more about Pretashop. Even if you are just starting out with a new site, or have an established site for many years, this ecommerce solution is sure to be of benefit. At the very least, if you need special a wide range of tools in one package, you can always rely on Pretashop more than other solutions.

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8th December 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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