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Should you Learn PHP or ASP in 2011?


Building dynamic websites is an often complex task, and this is made even more confusing to those who are attempting to decide whether to learn either PHP or ASP – both of which have their own specific advantages. Thus, what is the answer to this mind boggling question and which one should in fact be learned in 2011?

What are PHP and ASP?

Before we get into the relative advantages and disadvantages of PHP and ASP, it is important that we consider the background on them – what are they, what are they used for, and how can they be useful to you. Let us begin this endeavor with ASP.

ASP was developed by Microsoft – don’t worry, I can hear many people booing already – and it is generally not supported outside of Microsoft’s servers. Although this is a dissapoitment, it can be solved by the use of various applications. It is most widely used when it comes to large companies and is not a favorite among those that are only developing dynamic websites on a small scale.

PHP, on the other hand, is preferred by those that are developing small to midsized websites. It is totally compatible with the large UNIX and NT web servers and benefits tremendously from the fact that it is in no way associated with the Microsoft corporation. Those that use the MySQL database also utilize PHP, as they fit in almost seamlessly with each other.

Which is Best to Learn?

So, now that we know the basic differences between the two, which one should you learn in the upcoming year? Well, the answer to this question is entirely dependent upon your own personal needs. What is good for one person might be completely useless for another, and vice versa, so think long and hard about the type of dynamic websites you want to create and the different technical aspects that they will incorporate.

What is important is that the end product looks great and that it is intuitive for the user. Nobody is going to jump onto the site and immediately loathe it because it has been built with either PHP or ASP – instead, they will decide negatively if the incorrect choice has hampered their ability to browse the site easily. So, pick one of the two, learn it and then remember that the site’s layout and content are king – these two dynamic content tools are simply the foundations of a good site.

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28th August 2011
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