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Shared Hosting Trend In 2013

2013 Shared Hosting Trend

There are several changes that shared web hosting service providers are expected to make in the year 2013. The changes are designed to ensure customers have access to improved services thereby enabling them to increase targeted traffic to their websites which in turn results in increased sales.

Listed below are some of the trends that you may notice when it comes to shared web hosting service in 2013:

1. Improved Backup Systems

Backup is an important aspect not only for clients, but web hosting service providers. There are a myriad of things, for example, security breaches, hardware and software failure that can cause not only the client to lose data, but web hosting company.

In contrast to other forms of web hosting services, shared hosting is quite vulnerable to online security threats since a single server is shared by hundreds of online users. Therefore, it can be detrimental to the clients of a shared web hosting service if its server is compromised thereby leading to the loss of thousands of files that are crucial to the operation of their businesses.

Consequently, shared hosting services are working on how to better improve their disaster recovery efforts in order to guarantee clients operational continuity. Whereas it is the clients’ duties and responsibilities to back up files, the web hosting companies also have to ensure that they have robust file backup mechanisms that can enable clients to effortlessly backup their files.

2. Customized Offers

In contrast to conventional way of thinking, the shared hosting market is continually changing and 2013 is perhaps the year that users will notice major changes in the service in respect to customized offers, which in turn enables them to increase traffic to their websites. Therefore, you no longer have to contend for the inferior services that most people have been accustomed to when using shared hosting services.

3. Eco-Friendly

The increased demand for shared hosting plans has necessitated the need for shared hosting companies to adopt new techniques that will ensure that there is minimal impact to the environment. The key objective of most shared web hosting services in the year 2013 is to minimize carbon emission. Therefore, by opting for shared hosting service, you will be basically contributing to saving the environment.

4. Increased Security

In addition to providing better backup services, shared hosting web companies will strive to enhance the security of their systems. While there may have been few security breaches in 2012, shared web hosting services will be striving to achieve zero security breaches in the year 2013.

The projected trends in 2013 for shared web hosting services will prove to be beneficial not only to individuals and businesses that have been avoiding this type of plan due to the limitations it has. The changes will also allow you to make changes to your business so that you can benefit from the new changes that will be adopted by the end of the year.

Note that, just because shared web hosting is the most affordable option, it does not mean that it offers little ROI (Return on Investment). The projected trends in 2013 will make sure that you get the most out of your shared hosting plan.

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14th April 2013
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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