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Four Things That Will Cause Web Hosting Termination

Hosting Account Termination
When you purchase web hosting services, the provider can decide to terminate the contract at any time. While most people do not need to be concerned about this issue, there are still some basic things you will need to avoid in order to prevent services from being terminated. While most of this may seem like common sense, you would be amazed at the number of people that lose their web hosting services because of failure to abide by these rules.

1. Hosting A Spam Server

Even though you may think that sending emails is a profitable way to gain customers, many of these people simply do not want to hear from you. Therefore, if you are going to run an email marketing campaign, you should choose your web host carefully. It will also be to your advantage to work closely with their staff members so that you know everything you need to do in order to prevent being labeled as a spammer.

2. Interfering with Other Websites on the Server

Web Server Crash

As a general rule of thumb, there are very few ways to interfere with other websites, unless you are an experienced programmer and know how to access certain parts of the server. That said, if you hire a programmer, you should always make sure that they will not cause problems by trying to access these areas or cause disruptions in order to achieve certain goals. Once the host administrators find out that the disruption is coming from your account, they can easily suspend your services without warning.

3. Hosting Malicious Code

Malicious Code

Many webmasters today are fooled into thinking they can make a fortune if they make use of malware applications, as well as other kinds of malicious code. In most cases, your website will immediately show up in the search engines as possibly hosting malicious code. At the same time, your web hosting agent will most likely suspend services until the violation is corrected.

4. Engaging in or Supporting Criminal Acts

When you sign up for web hosting services, you will usually agree that the web host is not responsible for any illegal content that may be found on your server. That said, if you have copyright infringements, or post other kinds of content that encourage or explain how to commit a crime, the server will still suspend your account. If the situation is serious enough, you may also find that you will have to explain the situation to the FBI or other law enforcement officers.

For the most part, if you obey a few simple rules, you should never have to worry about your webhosting service suddenly being terminated. That said, if you are desperate to make money on your website, there are things you might try that will cause problems. No matter whether you fail to create a truly spam free email campaign, or wind up hosting some type of malicious code, it will only cost you in the long run, since you will be without web hosting service.

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26th November 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips
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