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Criteria to Use when Choosing Hosting for a Photography Website

Criteria When Choosing Photography Web Hosting

Photography websites are one of the most popular types of websites on the expansive Internet, as both amateurs and professionals alike look to display their work to a worldwide audience. Due to the artistic nature of their hobby or profession, this means that they need a website that looks perfect – something that will make visitors go “wow” and will complement the excellence of their pictures to the best of its ability. While getting a great web designer is obviously an important aspect, many don’t realize that choosing the correct hosting company is also very important as well. Thus, what should be considered when looking at the different hosting companies out there?

Make Sure there is Enough Space

The first aspect to be considered is the amount of space that the hosting company promises you, as this will have a huge impact on the amount of photographs that can be displayed and whether various other features can be incorporated into the website as well. When it comes to the amount of space needed, it is always better to err on the side of caution – make sure that you have more space than you will probably need. This means that should you find yourself looking to expand, you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting a new plan or even switching hosting providers. The small extra expense for more space will be well worth it in the future.

It has to be Reliable

When looking to sign up with a hosting company, reliability is something that is exceedingly important. You are essentially trusting the company to keep your website running and to ensure that visitors can browse the site at will – something that will lead to them possibly buying photographs and, at the very least, adding to the popularity of the site. This can’t happen though should the server go down and the site becomes inaccessible, therefore meaning that you must choose a hosting provider with the best uptime guarantee available. The problem with this is that nearly all providers say that they have an uptime of 99.99%, so the best way to choose is to ask friends and find out who they think is the most reliable web host to use.

Ease of Use

If you have no experience with setting up a website then it is vital that you choose a host that has an intuitive control panel. Your control panel is the area that you will use to make all modifications to your site. The way that control panel is laid out varies, therefore there are always going to be a few elements that you may not understand, but, in all honesty, a simple photography site won’t need to use many of the features. The host should also have excellent customer service so that they can talk you through any issues that you might have and quickly rectify any potential problems that spring up.

These are just three of the different considerations that need to be made, but there are also many more – including price. Never jump straight into the first hosting company that you find; instead, make sure that you take a long look around and find out as much as you can!

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