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Criteria to Look for When Choosing Hosting for an Artist’s Website

Criteria When Choosing Hosting for Artist Website

Being an artist is all about creativity – everything that you do is defined by the aesthetics and meaning of the art that you create. This can create a problem for artists when trying to display their art online, as they are much less in control of the way in which their art is viewed – as there are many elements such as the location someone is in, their mindset, and even the quality of monitor that can distort the outcome. One thing that artists are in control of however is the web host that they use, and this is very important. Picking the correct hosting company is vital when trying to make your site look as good as possible and appeal to any potential customers.

FTP Access is Key

Perhaps the most important aspect to any artist looking for a hosting company is the degree of freedom that they have when uploading their site to the Internet. This is achieved through having FTP access. Artists are notorious in the world of web design for wanting to have their website in the exact way that they envision it, and this is not unreasonable at all, in fact, this is something that is best achieved through FTP access. It will allow the artist to tweak their site whenever they want to and will make sure that they are never unhappy with a single aspect of the whole layout!

A Helping Hand

While FTP access is important, it is also vital to realize that as an artist, you might not have the necessary skills available to you to build your own website. Have no fear though, as many hosting companies have this covered as well. Most of them offer a number of different templates and other tools related to constructing a website that will ensure that you don’t need to go through the long and complex process of learning HTML and various other languages. Most also offer a simple download to install WordPress as well, which is an excellent way to build a quick, easy and stunning site to display your work through.

The Cost

Cost also plays a major role in which hosting provider a specific artist should choose. The cost of plans can range from miniscule to extraordinary, so a good balance needs to be found between the features offered and the amount of money it will cost to take advantage of them – something that can often be a confusing task. Unless an artist is selling their work online which may require e-commerce solutions or similar, then they won’t be making any money from the site. This means that the hosting cost must come out of their pocket! In these tough economic times, not too many artists have the spare money to be able to afford the more expensive hosting packages!

As you may see, there are a number of different considerations that an artist should making when choosing their hosting company. Most people think that choosing a hosting company is the least important part of getting their website up and running, but it is actually one of the most vital!

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