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Cloud Hosting vs VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)

Cloud vs VDS

Many webmasters are discovering the treasure trove of e-commerce tools that are seemingly hidden in cloud hosting. While Virtual Dedicated Server hosting (VDS) also offer online endeavours advantages, cloud hosting far out exceeds its competitor, especially when it comes to security, reliability and higher performance.

Cloud Hosting 101

Even though the exact integral cloud computing processing is somewhat a complicated infrastructure to define, the hosting platform is an extremely efficient way for servers to pool together resources to offer customers valuable services such as data storage, software downloads, and on-demand data sharing and disaster recovery. All of these services are usually delivered from more than one independent server, physical location unknown, without the requirement of a mainframe computer.

In addition to ingeniously utilizing resources, cloud hosting permits customers to build redundancy, which allows for an enhanced and reliable hosting environment. Typically, cloud hosting services offer 100% hardware redundancy, protecting customers’ crucial data around the clock. Furthermore, there’s less strain on hardware resources as they are balanced using expandable high performance servers instead of one single server.

The bottom line is that cloud hosting is a very reliable, secure and scalable web hosting option. The benefits are endless, allowing users an appreciated sense of convenience and device independence. Cloud hosting ranks extremely high when it comes to security; thanks in large part to its highly complex structure.

Security breaches are also thwarted as hackers don’t have exact host information such as precise physical location where data is being housed. Although a leading industry favorite, still many are still unaware of the benefits cloud hosting has to offer.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) 101

While VDS hosting doesn’t offer as many perks as cloud hosting, it does offer users affordable prices, enhanced performance, reliability, flexibility and independent OS when compared to a VPS hosting service. Essentially, VDS hosting works by creating numerous dedicated platforms on a single server, assigning each user with a private slot on the server. The hosting environment ensures security and isolation from other users on the same server. VDS hosting is recommended as a hosting solution for an entrance into enterprise-grade virtualization.

Users opting for VDS hosting are provided with a separate virtual machine (VM) which prevents VMs to “burst” valuable resources. For users, this means physical resources such as CPUs, hard drives and memory aren’t shared and assigned to an individual VM. Additionally, users are guaranteed higher performance when it comes to hardware and granted overall more control, especially when accessing root privileges. VDS also allows users to install custom firewalls for an added sense of security.

VDS hosting focuses more for robust and resource-exhaustive applications and databases. Even though VDS offers similar technology to cloud hosting, it doesn’t offer the same level of redundancy and practicality of resources. Depending on your needs and budget dedicates what hosting environment is the best choice for your online endeavours.


Ultimately it is no necessary to fully comprehend cloud hosting to realize that it offers users many more perks when compared to VDS hosting environments. Enhanced security, redundancy, and reliability are three top features that any user should demand when selecting a hosting service.

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11th March 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips
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