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Advantages and Disadvantages of PostgreSQL Database

Pros and Cons of PostgreSQL

One of the popular and widely used object relational database management systems is PostgreSQL. It is also called postgres. This is a rather useful database system that can be used in various kinds of platforms. This ORDBMS has been released under PostgreSQL (MIT-Style) license which makes it free and open source RDBMS software. It comes with many features such as use of various procedural languages, functions, index methods, extensible data type etc.

In order to understand more of this ORDBMS, let us have a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of PostgreSQL

Over Deployment Immunity : The most common license compliance problem that the database vendors face is the over deployment problem. However, with postgreSQL system, the users will never be sued for breaking any kind of license agreement as this software does not come with any kind if licensing cost.

Good For Business : This ORDBMS is best for those who are running businesses as it offers wide scale deployment to its users. It also has profitable business models in it and no audit will be held for any kind of license compliance in any kind of stage. The users can also do trial development as well as concept research with it.

Better Support : This RDBMS offers a wide range of supports. Unlike the other proprietary vendors, the PostgreSQL has a large community of professionals who are always there to help you with your problems.

Affordable : This software has been specifically designed in a way that it needs lower maintenance. However, do not think that lower maintenance means that you will not be able to use different features like the other RDBMS out there. In fact, it comes with all the necessary features without compromising on performance and stability.

The training program for this ORDBMS users is cost effective. They are practical and far more convenient than the other ones.

Reliable and Stable : Even though other database management systems have been reported for crashing, this RDBMS have never been reported to crash even though it has maintained a large number of data for several years.

Customizable : The source code of this RDBMS is available for all to use. This is why, if the users want to extend or customize PostgreSQL then they can do so without going through a lengthy and hassle prone procedure.

Now that we have looked into the advantages of PostgreSQL, let us have a look into its limitations. Despite having all these advantages, PostgreSQL also comes with its own share of disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of PostgreSQL

Supporting Problem : The low budget hosting sites usually do not support potgres. Rather, they support other RDBMS. Also, compared to the other open source RDBMS, it has less supporting apps.

Marketing Problem : As this RDBMS is not owned by a single company, it has faced trouble making name among RDBMS users even though it has exceptional features and has the ability to work just like the other RDBMS out there.

Other Disadvantages

  • Users need to work more if they want to tweak PostgreSQL for getting faster speed.
  • As there are no full timer people who do documentation about the resources and other useful things, most information are not accessible and thus cannot be used.

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2nd March 2013
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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