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Web Hosting: Overselling Defined

Web Hosting Overselling

Overselling is not a new concept. It may be unethical, but it is something consumers face far too often. From the airline that sold you a ticket and turned you away from the at-capacity flight at the gate to the store that claimed they had a product in stock, when in fact, they had a limited selection of what you wanted to begin with and were all sold out by the time you got there. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, but it’s a business model that helps these companies make some extra profit.
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What You Should Know About Web Hosting and Overselling

web hosting overselling

In simple terms, overselling is the means to sell above the means of delivery. For example, let’s say a startup web hosting company owns a server with a 50 GB hard drive and 500 GB bandwidth. The company begins selling their packages with 1 GB storage and 10 GB transfer. After selling 50 packages, the amount of bandwidth allocated to those clients has reached its limit of 500 GB. At the same time, the web host notices that only 250 to 300 GB of bandwidth is consumed per month by those clients. As you can see, this is cutting it pretty close.
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