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Should You Use Web Hosting Services from a Web Design Company?

Web Design Company

Full-service web hosting. Is it right for you? It might be. Web design companies that offer web hosting services can be of great value to business, individuals and any other organization on need of an internet presence. The offer many options and features, just like some of the other hosting services, but at a fraction of the cost.
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iFolder ‘Russian Rapidshare’ Forced Out Forced Out

A data center hosting a Rapidshare-type site called has been stormed by Russian police and ultimately forced to cease operations. The Russian police possessed paper work allowing them to search and find the evidence needed against an iFolder site user who had been uploading illegal materials.

While the company was fully cooperative with the authorities, their power was cut and servers sealed, shutting down business. Whether this closing is for good or only temporary has yet to be seen. For now, the Russian police have seriously damaged one company while wounding another, leaving behind a lot of stepped-on toes and upset people.
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Hostirian Acquires Another Web Hosting Company

Hostirian Acquires Another Web Hosting Company

Last month, Hostirian, a web hosting provider based in St. Louis, Missouri, announced that it has acquired web hosting company NPSIS. While exact details of the agreement still have not been disclosed, this acquisition will undoubtedly strengthen its already extensive portfolio of hosting products and services.
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Pros and Cons of Running a Web Hosting Company

Pros and Cons of Running a Web Hosting CompanyO

The web hosting business represents one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, a multi-billion dollar sector that is responsible for powering the internet and the World Wide Web. This business is highly profitable and even offers a way for the average consumer to make money with services such as reseller hosting. However, just as with any business, there are ups and downs to the web hosting industry. Before jumping into this competitive field, it is important to consider the pros and cons of running your own web hosting business.
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Web Hosting Rating System

Web Hosting Rating System

There are literally thousands of web hosting companies competing for your services. Unfortunately, finding one able to meet all of your personal requirements can be a daunting task. One of the best ways to learn about a certain provider is to read a reliable web hosting review. Here at, we provide you with unbiased reviews on today’s top web hosting companies. We only review established, trusted hosts, allowing you to compare and learn more about these providers before making your final decision. Although our rating system is based on various elements, these determinations are primarily made on two variables: extensive research and customer reviews.
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Technique of Web Hosting

Technique of Web Hosting

The technique of web hosting is what allows anyone to have a website of their own. The process is facilitated by service providers who store content on their computers or web servers, which enables a site to be accessible to internet users in any location. Web hosting has become a huge business, an industry with millions of customers throughout the world and generates billions of dollars every year.
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