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Why Virtual Private Servers (VPS) outweight Reseller Hosting

Why VPS outweight Reseller Hosting

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server is a term used by Internet hosting services to demarcate a virtual machine. Such a machine is exclusive to the service of a particular customer. It is also called a Virtual Dedicated server or VDS.
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Top 3 VPS Hosts

Top 3 VPS Hosts

VPS hosting, over the years has become vastly popular and a lot of web hosting companies are offering various VPS hosting packages to capitalize on the demand. VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is essentially a hosting plan that lies in between the dedicated and the shared hosting realms. The medium sized business owners often find, both, the shared as well as the dedicated hosting, unsuitable for their needs; the former being incapable to provide good uptime for their growing needs and the latter being rather expensive. So, in this situation, VPS hosting is the only viable solution they are left with, which gives reliable, flexible, and affordable hosting solutions to the customers.
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