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Cloud Hosting vs VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)

Cloud vs VDS

Many webmasters are discovering the treasure trove of e-commerce tools that are seemingly hidden in cloud hosting. While Virtual Dedicated Server hosting (VDS) also offer online endeavours advantages, cloud hosting far out exceeds its competitor, especially when it comes to security, reliability and higher performance.
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VPS vs VDS Hosting

VPS vs VDS Hosting

Small and medium sized companies have steadily increasing needs for more reliable business hosting solutions. They demand more power than the shared hosting platform can provide yet require solutions that enable them to remain profitable. Around the middle of 2000, many companies learned that Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting, was the happy medium in between a shared and dedicated server. This new web hosting service gave businesses a greater level of control, providing the ability install software components and run their applications with root access in an isolated logical container. Software developer Parallel quickly became the leader in the virtualization market and now powers millions of VPS hosting solutions around the world. Not only does this solution grant a level of control and flexibility similar to a dedicated server, but also retains the biggest advantage of shared hosting – cost efficiency.
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