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Interviews with Tiara Rea : Lunarpages Business Development

Interviews with Tiara Rea

Q1. Why are your free web site programs for schools only offered to those attending K-12 public schools?

Answer : Lunarpages Web Hosting has always been about supporting our community, so we try to do this wherever and however we can. A few years ago, Ron Riddle, the CEO and founder of Lunarpages, created the Free Web Hosting for Schools offer, which we still run today. We limited the free offer to K-12 US Public Schools because those are the schools in need of the most financial support. Lunarpages provides other services, like our Affiliate Program, to help Universities or other nonprofit organizations fund their programs.

Q2. Do you plan to offer it for those who attend private schools any time in the future?

Answer : Normally, private schools can raise enough capital to afford our web hosting plan pricing structures (which are incredibly competitive in terms of price), so at this time we do not have plans to offer private schools free web hosting plans.
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