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What is a Spam Filter?

Spam Filter

A spam filter is something that nearly everyone in the world uses, but many people have no idea what they are exactly and how they work. This article aims to go over the basics of this common software program and to show you exactly what is going on when a spam filter stops certain emails from entering your inbox!
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25th September 2011 0 Comments »
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

Spam Filters for Your Website

spam filter

Everyone who owns an email account is experiencing some level of spam. Some of us may have a large amount, and others may have systems in place that filter out these messages. The ongoing, seemingly endless issue of spam has resulted in hundreds of programs designed to prevent it. While everyone wants a product that efficiently regulates this unsolicited junk mail, it is important that the spam filter suits the needs of you and your business. The program that worked for one individual may not exactly be suitable for you.
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