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MS Silverlight vs. Adobe Flash

MS Silverlight vs. Adobe Flash

Microsoft made another significant stride at the March MIX conference where the company released version 3.0 of its Silverlight web plugin. The latest version is implemented with new multimedia features and now has the ability to run applications offline. The buzz around Silverlight 3.0 has many wondering when Adobe will upgrade Flash and try to one-up Microsoft in the race for first.
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How Microsoft Silverlight Benefits Your Website

Incorporating rich web-based applications is a great way to enhance your blog or e-commerce site. However, getting the most out of such applications isn’t as always as simple as it should be. One way to easily deliver a rich multimedia experience is with an amazing new technology developed by Microsoft – Silverlight.

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser implementation of Microsoft’s NET Framework. The system is designed to build rich interactive applications and deliver the next-generation of multimedia experiences. As a cross-platform technology, Silverlight supports popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X as well as browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Because it is essentially in the form of a small plugin, Silverlight is fairly easy and quick to install.
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