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Scripting Language Comparison Chart






Details A server-side scripting language that can also be executed from a command line interface or standalone program. A high-level interpreted programming language that supports object-orientated, interactive features for a web page. A high level interpreted programming language used to create dynamic web pages. A server-side scripting language created by Microsoft used to generate dynamic web pages. A dynamic, reflective programming language inspired by Perl.
Advantages • Open source
• Speed
• Multi-platform
• Ease of use
• Open source
• Very compatible
• Easy to use
• Very compatible
• Great for string processing
• Extensive support
• More advanced features
• Quick response
• Ease of use
• Highly advanced
• Very fast response
Disadvantages • Poor error handling
• Less secure than other languages
• Performance issues
• Limited documentation
• Less secure on Windows
• Requires installation
• More complex to learn
• More expensive than other languages
• Less compatible
• Less support
• More complex to learn and program
• Less control
This type of scripting language is right for you if… …you want to implement ecommerce tools, such as a shopping cart, into your website …your site requires high-level user interaction …if your site requires multi-media content …if your site requires high levels of interaction with users …you need to create dynamic site features and functionality with professional appeal