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Bluehost vs. Rackspace Cloud

Cloud computing has made a huge shift in the paradigm of web hosting since about 2003. It became apparent after the turn of the century that servers needed redundancy and load balancing in order to become more efficient and dependable. Rackspace, founded in 1998, saw the value in this computing technology and opened doors to cloud hosting in 2005. Since then they have become one of the most prominent and most affordable cloud hosts in the industry.
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Hostmonster vs. Rackspace Cloud

Web hosting has become a sophisticated industry. With reliable shared server hosting now offered by most hosting companies, and the 21st century ‘cloud’ computing now in the web hosting arena, there are many choices for the website owner.
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SiteCloud vs. Rackspace Cloud

SiteCloud web hosting is among the top cloud hosting platforms. The hosting company continuously delivers high performance and reliable services to customers looking for trusted and scalable hosting solutions at affordable prices. Rackspace Cloud is also a renowned hosting provider offering customers robust platforms and pay-as-you grow plans since its establishment in 1998. Although both web host providers offer various plans and features, if you’re looking for web hosting solutions, you may find the following comparison helpful in narrowing your choices.
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