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BlueHost vs. PronetHosting

Reliability is everything these days and it is a must to find a host that can provide it. BlueHost and PronetHosting fit the bill, two world-class hosting companies with plenty of experience in the business. Both have proven their ability to deliver a quality service but which is right for your web presence? This comparison aims to provide some valuable insight.
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16th August 2009 2 Comments »
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting
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Interview with Jack of PronetHosting.NET

Interview with Jack of PronetHosting.NET

Q1. What goals did set out to accomplish upon entering the hosting marketplace?

Answer We started as a group of IT professionals in early 2001 to introduce a new standard in the fast changing environment of web hosting. Our mission is to achieve your 100% satisfaction, which is guaranteed by our professional service and friendly support. With over 7 years of web hosting experience on various hosting platforms and operating systems, particularly Apache, Linux, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft Windows Server, we bring a wealth of knowledge and the capability to handle any hosting needs. This experience also comes with the support and knowledge, customers have come to rely on, which ensures that their problems are being resolved timely and effectively and are able to obtain friendly and respectful customer support.
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