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The Raging Battle: Paid vs. Free Hosting

Paid Hosting

Free Hosting

Hosting Details Paid hosting is a solution that requires for you to pay for leased server space and to publish content on the web. Free hosting is an option that gives you “free” web server space, allowing you to publish content on the web at no cost.
Advantages • Real database access
• Advanced web building tools
• Real domain name
• Multiple emails
• Powerful scripts
• Management tools
• Security
• Consistent hosting uptime
• Free hosting service
Disadvantages • You have to pay for your hosting • Limited access to the database
• Less secure – prone to viruses and hacking
• Visitors will have to deal with banner ads and pop ups out of your control
• Less features
• Little to no customer support
• Strange, modified domain name
This type of hosting is right for you if… …you want to create a respectable, web presence that visitors will want to visit …if you want to create a strictly personal, unprofessional site with very limited functionality
Our Recommendation for Hosting BlueHost We do not recommend free hosting for any serious webmaster.
13th September 2008 1 Comments »
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips