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Interviews with Jeremy Fox : IX Web Hosting Marketing Manager

Interviews with Jeremy Fox

Q1. What do you offer that is better than other web hosting companies?

Answer : As most comparison shoppers for hosting know, all companies seem to throw around the same words to persuade customers into buying their services. At IX Web Hosting, every word we use is backed by facts and extensive experience. We’ve been in business for more than 10 years, which is a quality you won’t find in many other hosting companies. We use words like “Unlimited,” because experience has shown us that customers can’t use as much bandwidth and disk space as we offer! We herald our customer service department because a lot of effort went into making it friendly, efficient and superior to those of other companies. We guarantee our uptime at 99.9% and if that minimum isn’t met, the customer gets his or her money back. We offer products that other hosting companies do not and at a special discount to our customers. We made sure that over the years, we maintained a level of service, features and flexibility that was far above the rest.
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