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Inmotion Dedicated Vs Hostgator Dedicated

There are many varieties of dedicated hosting options from a multitude of hosting companies. While shared hosting companies far outnumber those that offer dedicated hosting, more and more hosts are providing this option for growing businesses.

Inmotion was founded in 2001 with an aim to provide higher level web hosting options that include dedicated server hosting, as well as VPS and affordable shared hosting.

Hostgator started in a college dorm in 2002 and grew into a hosting giant with their shared-server hosting option. Since then they have been one of the fastest-growing hosting companies and have expanded to offer VPS and dedicated server plans as well.
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Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

In the industry of dedicated server hosting, there are two giants among them all. Inmotion hosting started in 2001 with the specific aim to provide quality high-level dedicated server hosting. Their mission was to exceed customer support needs and use only the leading edge of technology with their servers. While they have done very well in the dedicated hosting arena, they also offer quality VPS and shared hosting as well.

Codero has newer beginnings. They are a subsidiary of the long-term hosting company, that was formed in 2009. Codero was formed as a solution to stay ahead of the technology curve and become a leader in the dedicated hosting industry.
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