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Bluehost vs. GreenvilleHost

Environmental friendly hosting has been a growing trend. With a movement toward carbon-neutrality, saving the atmosphere from harmful emissions, and sustainability, many web hosting companies are jumping onto the bandwagon. And it’s no wonder, considering that server farms can use up enough electricity in a year to power a small city during the same timeframe. With this in mind, GreenvilleHost has entered the scene with a great hosting plan that is completely “green” through the purchase of 200% of their energy through Renewable Energy Certificates. is a long-term hosting company founded in 1996. Since then they have grown to host millions of websites and growing still at a rate of about 20,000 new clients each month. Their brand of hosting may not be “green,” but it is blazing fast via a state-of-the-art data center.
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Hostmonster vs. GreenvilleHost

With over 750,000 current domains, Hostmonster continues to provide excellent quality hosting services at an affordable price. The company, established in 1996, has well over 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry. GreenvilleHost was founded in 2008 with the mission of offering eco-friendly and quality web hosting at a competitive price. The company proudly passes along savings to customers by conserving energy at their facilities, opting to go paperless and operating energy-efficient servers. Although it’s a tough decision when deciding between the two, the following comparison highlights the features of each.
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SiteCloud VS GreenvilleHost

Is cloud hosting the wave of the web hosting industry? Or is “green” hosting the wave most in demand? GreenvilleHost isn’t just a clever name. Their focus is bringing affordable shared hosting to their clients with a brand that is 200% powered by wind energy. That means they invest more than they use in alternative energy exploration.
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InMotion VS GreenvilleHost

In the web hosting industry there is a clear movement toward energy efficiency and environmental protection. Why? A large web server data center can use up the same amount of electricity in a year as a small town. Thus web hosts are becoming conscious of being “Green” with their energy purchases and energy conservation.
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FatCow VS GreenvilleHost

FatCow VS GreenvilleHost

When it comes to energy-saving strategies in the web hosting industry, many companies are going the “Green” way by purchasing alternative and renewable energy certificates. Why? Web hosting servers, depending on the size of data center, can use as much electricity in one year as a small town. Two hosting companies have taken the lead in the “Greening” of hosting services: FatCow and GreenvilleHost.
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WebhostingPad VS GreenvilleHost

WebhostingPad VS GreenvilleHost

When you get some of the best people in the industry to start a great business, why not try to reduce your carbon footprint as well? GreenvilleHost took the best of the shared-server hosting industry and made it their own in 2008 with a “Green” branding through the purchase of 200% of their energy consumption in the form of wind energy certificates, in addition to many other environmentally friendly practices.
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