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JustHost VS GreenGeeks

If you are familiar with the electricity required to operate a medium sized data center for a hosting company, you may also know that it takes about the same amount of power to light up a small city. And you may be looking for a hosting company that does something to help neutralize the effect on the environment.

Greengeeks is just such a company, offering both shared and VPS hosting plans while buying 300% of their energy through Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s). Applying additional efforts in conservation, recycling, and other environmental programs, GreenGeeks is leading the way in carbon-neutral hosting.
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eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. So many products and services are ordered online that it is possible you would never even have to leave your home and have everything you need would be delivered right to your door. And with so many new eCommerce websites popping up on the internet, it’s no wonder that many of the top web hosting companies are catering to the eCommerce client.
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SiteCloud VS GreenGeeks

Two of the most popular trends in web hosting are companies going “green” and bringing cloud server technology to their web hosting clients.

SiteCloud is doing both with an affordable brand of cloud hosting technology, plus a movement to become 100% carbon neutral.

GreenGeeks is a shared server host that brings reliable hosting along with their brand of “green” which includes an energy efficient infrastructure, plus 300% of their electricity purchased through wind power.
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WebhostingPad VS GreenGeeks

WebhostingPad VS GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks isn’t just a clever name, it is a business model. In the few years they have been in business, GreenGeeks has gained attention through the way they do web hosting. They offer solid, award-winning plans, but they do it in a way that saves energy and is certified “Green.” Why it green important? According to their website, by 2020 the web hosting industry will be using enough energy to pollute as much as the airline industry. Those servers require a lot of electricity, so they do their best to keep it clean through the purchase of wind energy certificates.
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iPage VS GreenGeeks

iPage VS GreenGeeks

To compete in a web hosting market in the 21st century, you not only have to offer a reasonably priced hosting plan with competitive features, but you also must make a stand to reduce your carbon footprint, especially in the realm of energy consumption. Web servers tend to use a great deal of electricity, and a full data center warehouse can consume enough energy and produce enough heat for a small town.
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IX Web Hosting VS GreenGeeks

IX Web Hosting VS GreenGeeks

With so many web hosting companies to choose from, a few things to keep in mind to help narrow down the choices are economical pricing and ecologically friendly services. IX Web Hosting offers the former while GreenGeeks offers both the former and the later.
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