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Green Web Hosting Trends for 2010

2010 Green Web Hosting Trend

Two trends are already evident in 2010: protecting the environment by reducing the ‘carbon footprint,’ and the growth of small to medium sized online businesses. As the world economy shows the first signs of recovery in two years, more businesses are forming and publishing company websites.

Many web hosting companies have taken the “green” movement by the horns and are offering certified wind energy certificates as their way of producing a neutral carbon footprint. With the popularity of green services, we are likely to see more businesses buying green web hosting services.
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Going Over The Top Green

Going Over The Top Green

When thinking of the many industries that are considered highest in pollution, many think of steel, aluminum, and paper industries. As it turns out, the web hosting industry is among the highest, on course to overtake the airline industry as a major contender in global emissions by 2020. The outlook is not bright. However, two web hosting companies are doing what they can to change this with the purchase of carbon offsets.
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Does Green Web Hosting Really Help the Environment?

Does Green Web Hosting Really Help the Environment

Over the years, numerous companies across several industries have made conscious efforts to go green. One area where this trend is really taking off is the web hosting industry. More of these companies are emerging while others are making the transition to offer more eco-friendly services. While some are onboard with the concept, others are skeptical, wondering if it’s a genuine effort or just another one of numerous marketing gimmicks to hit the hosting market. We’re here to tell you, green hosting is indeed legitimate.
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