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FrontPage Web Hosting

FrontPage Web Hosting

What is FrontPage Hosting?

FrontPage Hosting simply describes a web hosting provider that offers FrontPage extensions to publish web sites. FrontPage extensions are tools developed by Microsoft, designed to add ease to the task of web authoring and management. They consist of various components and can improve web development in many ways. The advanced graphical components of FrontPage can be used to create dynamic web pages or even an entire website. Its components can be used in combination with the graphics of other programs to offer a greater level of control over image management. After updating a master template, all of the web pages associated with it are automatically modified for faster web publishing.
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Web Hosting with FrontPage


FrontPage is a development program designed by Microsoft to build and edit web pages. Ease of use has made this one of the most popular web publishing packages available today. Operating FrontPage is simple, even for the individual who has little to no knowledge of HTML scripts. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor enables you to build vibrant web pages and shows you the results in real time before they are published. If you are familiar with software such as Microsoft Word, using FrontPage will be an absolute breeze. Simply cut and paste text, or drag and drop your images right into the interface and your pages are ready to be published.
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