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Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

In the industry of dedicated server hosting, there are two giants among them all. Inmotion hosting started in 2001 with the specific aim to provide quality high-level dedicated server hosting. Their mission was to exceed customer support needs and use only the leading edge of technology with their servers. While they have done very well in the dedicated hosting arena, they also offer quality VPS and shared hosting as well.

Codero has newer beginnings. They are a subsidiary of the long-term hosting company, that was formed in 2009. Codero was formed as a solution to stay ahead of the technology curve and become a leader in the dedicated hosting industry.
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Codero Vs Hostgator Dedicated

When an online business outgrows the resources of available from a shared hosting plan (does anyone really believe in “unlimited” bandwidth?), then it’s time to consider upgrading to a dedicated server hosting plan. And with the growing number of businesses upgrading to dedicated server options, more and more hosting companies are offering this type of hosting for their clients.

Codero was founded as a subsidiary of in 2009 with the focus of providing higher level hosting options, including dedicated and cloud hosting. They also provide an aim to providing “green” hosting through energy-saving policies.
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Codero Review for eCommerce

Codero Dedicated Server Reviews

There comes a time when online eCommerce businesses need to step up their game and move away from shared-server hosting. While shared server hosting is great for affordability and introductory basic eCommerce features, it doesn’t provide all the resources needed for larger eCommerce websites.

When it comes time to move on up to the big leagues, where do you go? Does your shared hosting company also provide VPS or Dedicated server hosting? Will it provide necessary managed hosting for your servers?
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Bluehost vs. Codero

Small and medium sized business owners usually have a simple goal with their website – that it attracts a growing number of visitors and derives profits for the company. With this in mind, the web host chosen by the business owner becomes vitally important. is a long-term veteran in the hosting industry with roots dating back to 1996. They have millions of hosted websites, and continue to grow at a rate of 20,000 per month. Codero has cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and fully managed hosting plans that allow flexibility and scalability with growing companies.
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Hostmonster vs. Codero

Hostmonster and Codero are two of the most popular hosting providers in the industry, each with more than 15 years experience. Codero was founded in 1992, while Hostmonster was founded four years later in 1996. Nonetheless, both companies have established a significant amount of positive feedback online, and offer an extensive selection of hosting services to a broad range of clients. Both providers also serve more than 1 million websites, and both of them have professional sales teams and customer service representatives on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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InMotion VS Codero

InMotion VS Codero

Sometimes you just need a little more server power and attention from a web hosting company. Websites that take off and become very popular can quickly eat up “unmetered” bandwidth and can trigger a host to start adding additional charges for the high traffic. Why shouldn’t a web host be able to offer flexible hosting plans as the website grows?
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