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Is Cloud Hosting Good for e-Commerce?

Cloud Hosting and E-Commerce

e-Commerce continues to dominate cyberspace, especially when focusing on cloud hosting. Whether individuals or larger online business endeavors reap the benefits of cloud hosting platforms to setup and maintain websites, the fact remains that cloud hosting is here to stay well into the near future.

Although many new e-Commerce owners are only beginning to understand the benefits of cloud hosting, some still remain apprehension about making the cloud hosting jump. As a new e-Commerce venture owner, they should anticipate pros and cons that go along with hosting a website on a cloud platform.
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Is Cloud Hosting Good for a Small Business Website?

Cloud Hosting and Small Business

Today’s small business owner is truly an intrepid soul; unlike larger businesses, the small business owner has to do many things on their own instead of having the luxury of in-house personnel handling infrastructure tasks such as Tech Support, Accounting, Marketing, and Logistics, the small business owner is largely on their own. Cloud hosting can help ease the administrative burden of the small business owner so that the entrepreneur can focus on their passion: their business.
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