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Free vs Paid Blog Hosting

Free vs Paid Blog Hosting

Blogging has become like pop culture on the web. Almost everyone is doing it; if not for the money, just to have an opinion. In the early days of the internet, effective content management cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to achieve. Thanks to platforms like WordPress and Blogger, these dynamic publishing systems are now cost efficient and easy to use. The average non-technical user can find their way with a blog regardless of experience in HTML or server-side programming. Although blogging is not expensive by any means, enjoying success typically requires a small investment. With that being said, the question is, should you sign up for a free blog or paid hosting?
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Web Hosting with Blogging Software


If you are new to the web or simply stuck in time, we are here to fill you in about one of the most powerful online marketing tools available – the blog. A weblog, more commonly known as a blog, is a form of instant online publishing. Depending on the subject, they can be compared to something such as a diary, journal, or in some cases, a news column. The posts are primarily listed in a reverse sequential order. Blogs tend to cover a wide range of topics from sports, technology or entertainment. Many of them display a mixture of text, graphics and web links to attract readers.
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