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The Benefits of Web Hosting Software

web hosting software

Web hosting companies offer many great features to help create your site and establish a presence on the web. These features include a robust amount of bandwidth and storage, plenty of email accounts and free site builders. Most of them also provide you with additional programming scripts and software to increase functionality with web forms, blogs and much more. According to a recent study by the Yankee Group, web hosting software that offers the most value relates to project management, marketing, merchant services, inventory management and payroll purposes.
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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

Database management is a fixture in nearly any online business these days. Common proprietary databases like Microsoft’s SQL Server, IBM’s DB2 Server and Oracle include several features that developers have come to rely on for creating and maintaining the ultimate web-based business. Some of these features include advanced storage options, data management tools, data replication and intuitive backup utilities.
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Hosting Options for Your Online Dating Service

online dating service hosting

Meeting new friends and finding the love of your life has never been easy. The hustle and bustle of everyday life has left millions of Americans with little to no time for socialization after a long day on the job. Fortunately, the internet is an amazing technology that provides society with everything we desire – even love and affection. This very fact has made online dating a highly profitable business.
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Google Apps and Web Hosting

google apps and web hosting

Free web hosting has just become more interesting with a new service by Google. Google Apps is a service that allows you to host a website via the Google Page Creator module. Web-based applications are easy to build, maintain and scale as your storage and traffic needs continue to grow. Google Apps is easy to use on any level and requires no server maintenance. Simply upload your content and it’s ready to serve to your visitors.
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Top 5 Companies for Blog Hosting

top 5 blog web hosting

The blog has evolved into far more than a medium used to express your thoughts. They have become fully independent websites and make for great marketing tools. With the popularity of blogging have emerged many companies that allow you to host a blog on the platform of your choice. In this article we will overview five of the best blog hosting companies and learn what they have to offer.
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Web Hosting & Online Marketing

web hosting and online marketing

The internet’s overwhelming success has opened opportunities for many small businesses. It seems as if everyone is hopping online to try their luck at some form of internet marketing. While succeeding is no easy task, there are a number of tools available to help your e-commerce site flourish. Several have learned the benefits of strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization) and affiliating marketing and how they’ve enabled the success of brand new web sites.
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