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Webalizer VS AWStats – A Comprehensive Look

Webalizer VS AWStats

Along with designing, developing and maintaining a web site, keeping a good eye on the statistical information gathered by a web site is also a good practice. Web site statistics can tell a web site owner what they are doing right and what they could improve upon, what is popular and not so popular on the web site, and a huge amount of other data that can be used to add or modify an existing web site.
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Viewing Web Stats with AwStats

Viewing Web Stats with AwStats

AWStats is a powerful, feature-rich tool that generates graphical statistics of your website. This comprehensive analyzer provides detailed information on your visitors, hits and pages as well as search engines, broken links and much more. The key to benefitting from AwStats is knowing what all these numbers really mean. This tutorial will give you a better understanding of the many statistics you’ll find within the program.
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Viewing Your Web Stats with Analog

Viewing Your Web Stats with Analog

If you are in the midst of a marketing campaign, it is important to have comprehensive details on the traffic you are bringing to your site. This is an excellent marketing strategy that can help you maintain and possibly increase the amount of traffic you receive. Not only can you view details on the human visitors coming to your site, but also the search engine spiders who crawl the web in search of web pages they want to index. Regularly analyzing these statistics is something that needs to be done by anyone who wants to make their website a success.
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Analyzing Your Web Stats

analyzing web stats

A webmaster may turn to several avenues to increase the traffic of their website. Many services exist for this very purpose but one of the most inexpensive and useful resources sits in the logs of your server. When logging has been enabled, a server will log information regarding every request. When analyzing this information you can acquire vast knowledge about who is visiting your site, what browser they are using, how much bandwidth their sites consumes and much more.
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