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Apache Comparison Chart

Apache Apache 2
Details An HTTP web server that helps serves pages on the web. It is an open-source application and the most widely installed web server in the world. The official successor to Apache 1.0. It was first released to the general public in April, 2002 and offers numerous improvements over the original version.
Advantages – Cross platform
– Fast
– Secure
– Supports various programming languages
– Enhanced XML support
– Works better with Windows
– Enhanced API
– Supports IPv6
Disadvantages – Lacks XML Support
– Doesn’t work as well with Windows
– Doesn’t support various Apache 1.0 components
– Doesn’t work as well with PHP
– More complex API
This web server is for you if… prefer to code primarily in PHP prefer a non-Unix-based platform or your project requires heavy XML usage
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Introduction to Apache 2

Introduction to Apache 2

Apache is a powerful web server application that has a played a major role in both the growth and continuous development of the web. As a free open-source solution, it backs up most popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, FreeBDS, Mac OS X and Solaris to name a few. Apache has been the most widely installed server application on the web since 1996. As of November 2008, it is installed on over 50% of all websites.

While many providers are still using the original Apache, several more have made the upgrade to version 2.0. As you would expect, Apache 2 offers a number of improvements over the previous version which results in enhanced stability and performance. Some of the new features include:
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