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Hostmonster Review for eCommerce

When you open your metaphorical doors to your online eCommerce site, just like opening a brick and mortar store you don’t want anything to go wrong. And with a wrong choice of web host your grand online opening could result in a grand flop. is not just a clever name, it is a giant in the web hosting industry, and has been since 1996. And at last count Hostmonster hosts over 1.7 million websites. With those kinds of numbers you can bet that Hostmonster has the experience and the trust built over a dozen years in business.

One Plan is All You Need

Hostmonster is not one of those web hosts who tries to confuse you with a lot of hosting choices. Rather than trick you into paying more money for not much more features, Hostmonster has a single plan that is only $5.95 per month.

The Hostmonster plan is packed with features you need for an eCommerce website including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, and email accounts. If you have not built your eCommerce site, don’t worry. Hostmonster provides you with excellent templates and a free drag and drop site builder.

Image Gallery Included

With eCommerce your online store is useless without quality product images. Would you buy something you couldn’t see? Hostmonster provides a free image gallery so you can store and display images of products, or even a sequence of images pertinent to your services.

Free eCommerce Solutions

It’s important to have the tools you need to get your products online and in front of customers. Hostmonster offers a set of free eCommerce tools that starts with a choice of popular shopping cart software packages such as Agora and os Commerce. You’ll get a free SSL secure server to conduct your online transactions. And Hostmonster gives you additional security with open PGP/GPG encryption. With these tools, you can build your site and have it ready to start selling your products in minutes.

Easy Control with cPanel

Having control of your eCommerce site is important. You may have daily updates to your products, new images to upload, and of course, online sales to manage. Hostmonster makes it all easy for you with cPanel control panel software. CPanel is the top choice and best-selling software in the industry with its easy drag-and-drop navigation features. Simply drag the most-used tools right where you need them, like email functions, database controls, and even your site statistics.

Reliable Support

Hostmonster wants to help your online business succeed. And if things go wrong they are there to help with 24/7 customer service. You can call a round-the-clock toll-free number, or simply email your question to their qualified technical staff. And they back up their product with a maximum uptime guarantee to ensure your business is open 24 hours a day.


Anyone with an online eCommerce site needs to checkout Hostmonster. Their price will meet any budget, and the features included prepare your online business to succeed. And with 24 hour guaranteed uptime and support, Hostmonster keeps your online business going.

Start your business off on a positive foundation with Hostmonster. Their powerful hosting services will empower your ecommerce initiatives. Act today and get their $7.95 plan for only $5.95 per month.

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24th April 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Reviews
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