MyBestRatedWebHosting's MBRW Second Semi-Annual 2011 Hosting Award has been officially announced! Save yourself time and money by reading our detailed review and learn who received the final award of the industry's best web host! Review for eCommerce

Why name a web host “FatCow?” Well, this host answers back by asking “why name a computer an ‘Apple’?” FatCow is a clever name that is fitting for a web host that has catered to its ‘grass roots’ background since 1998. Since then this little company has grown into a ‘giant’ of a cow with excellent yet simple web hosting.

Since those beginning days in 1998, the dedicated managers at FatCow have kept one main mission in mind: deliver the best value and customer service experience in web hosting to the small business user. With a single plan loaded with features, extras, and a top-notch support group, FatCow certainly has done that.

Great Online Business Features

The single plan at FatCow was designed to do away with all the “techno-babble” and provide a simple yet comprehensive web hosting plan. For just $4.67 per month your eCommerce account will get unlimited bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, and email accounts. You’ll also get support for popular scripting and application plugins. You’ll even get a free website builder tool to help design your online store if you don’t have one already.

Powerful eCommerce Selling Tools

All those features are nice, but what can that do to help your eCommerce business? FatCow also provides you with ShopSite Online Store to help you get your eCommerce website off the ground and bring your products to your customers. FatCow also helps you get set up with online collection of payments with credit card transaction support, PayPal shopping cart integration, and PowerPay. You’ll also be able to assure your online customers of total security with shared SSL.

Free Marketing

Need more convincing? How about free marketing credits? FatCow provides over $150 in marketing credits to use with Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search marketing, and Facebook advertising. Your eCommerce site can now get started with highly effective PPC marketing with these valuable coupons.

Is Your eCommerce Business “Green”?

Green is not just the color of money, it’s the color of business as well. Many businesses have jumped on the environmental bandwagon and are doing their part to make a neutral carbon footprint. FatCow also helps by obtaining 100% of their electricity through wind generation. They also have green policies in place for recycling and reduction of energy as well. And FatCow clients get to benefit with a proud display of a “green” badge on their eCommerce site to show customers that green is their color, too.

Other Business Extras

FatCow doesn’t stop at web hosting. They also offer additional business and eCommerce services such as professional web design, online marketing consulting, customer communication, web site management, and more.

If the Hoof Fits…

The above are just a few of the best things we have discovered about FatCow’s web hosting service for eCommerce sites. There’s also their award winning technical support, affiliate and referral programs to help you earn even more revenue, and a fantastic custom control panel that is easy to use. If you have an eCommerce website, checkout FatCow to see if their ‘brand’ of web hosting is right for you.

FatCow offers website building software that will get your new ecommerce business off the ground in minutes! Then take advantage of over $150 in marketing credits to use with Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search marketing, and Facebook, to get your site launched and profitable.

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10th May 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Reviews

One Response to “ Review for eCommerce”

  1. Tom Edwards says:

    I am still trying to get this fraud merchant to refund the charges it leveled against my mother’s debit card account. She ordered service, changed her mind and cancelled, and was promised a full refund.

    Now, almost a month and many e-mails and telephone calls later, my mother is still out $109.88, and FatCow wants to “close” the ticket.



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