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Bluehost Reseller Hosting Review

Bluehost Reseller Review

Bluehost is one of the most reliable and widely used web hosting providers in the industry today. It has made its name by providing quality and reliable shared hosting, and now they have started to offer a reseller hosting service. After looking at several Bluehost reseller reviews it can be said that Bluehost has crafted a quality product to compete with the other web hosting services that have been dominating reseller hosting for years.

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We should first probably describe what reseller hosting is and how it differs from shared hosting. With shared hosting you purchase space on the host’s server along with several other websites. All of the websites share the same location and ip address. This is a very cheap and reliable method of web page hosting. However, because of more than one website sharing the same server, they can be prone to performance issue and limited memory space. You also have no way of knowing what other websites you are sharing the server with. On the other hand, reseller hosting is a method of web hosting that allows a person to purchase hard drive space and bandwidth, then turn around and sell that space to third party buyers. This allows many people who use reseller hosting to resell the space they buy and possible make a profit. They can either sell dedicated servers to the third party buyers or offer their own shared hosting service. Reseller hosting is generally easy to use as it does not require a vast technical knowledge of web hosting in general. The reseller also doesn’t have to worry about any servicing or maintenance of the server. That is handled by the original service provider.

Bluehost has a number of packages that they offer with their service. The three packages available for purchase come in increment of $19.95, $49.95, or $99.95. Each of the three packages offer unlimited accounts made on the system and a free domain name. Disk space offered spans from 100GB all the way up to 500GB with the bandwidth speed ranging from 15Mbps to 35Mbps. Each of the three packages also offer several free features such as a billing system and spam protection. This is a quality product that is on par or not better than any other reseller hosting services around, not to mention cheaper. All you have to do is look at the Bluehost reseller reviews to see how much you get with these packages all for a reasonable fixed price.

When you compare Bluehost reseller reviews to almost any other reseller hosting service, you’ll realize that they offer more bang for your buck. With the amount of free features you will find with Bluehost you’d expect to see a price at the same or even more than its competitors. This isn’t the case; Bluehost has a price that sets it apart from the rest its field. When considering a reseller hosting service, definitely check out Bluehost’s reseller service when making your decision.

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23rd October 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Reviews

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