Apache Apache 2
Details An HTTP web server that helps serves pages on the web. It is an open-source application and the most widely installed web server in the world. The official successor to Apache 1.0. It was first released to the general public in April, 2002 and offers numerous improvements over the original version.
Advantages - Cross platform
- Fast
- Secure
- Supports various programming languages
- Enhanced XML support
- Works better with Windows
- Enhanced API
- Supports IPv6
Disadvantages - Lacks XML Support
- Doesn’t work as well with Windows
- Doesn’t support various Apache 1.0 components
- Doesn’t work as well with PHP
- More complex API
This web server is for you if… prefer to code primarily in PHP prefer a non-Unix-based platform or your project requires heavy XML usage
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Introduction to Apache 2

Apache is a powerful web server application that has a played a major role in both the growth and continuous development of the web. As a free open-source solution, it backs up most popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, FreeBDS, Mac OS X and Solaris to name a few. Apache has been the most widely installed server application on the web since 1996. As of November 2008, it is installed on over 50% of all websites.

While many providers are still using the original Apache, several more have made the upgrade to version 2.0. As you would expect, Apache 2 offers a number of improvements over the previous version which results in enhanced stability and performance. Some of the new features include:
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How Useful is PGP Encryption

With threats lurking in every corner, security software is more prevalent than ever before. While virus protection and spam filtering is essential, these programs are worthless at actually keeping prying eyes off your personal information. If privacy is something you are considered about, you need a powerful encryption product like PGP.

Pretty Good Privacy or PGP, has been playing a key role in data security since the early 90s. Although there are some versions that provide full-disk encryption, PGP is mainly a solution that encrypts messages for traveling over the insecure email system. So does it really offer adequate protection? To the best of public knowledge, there is no method known to penetrate files protected with PGP encryption. Bruce Schneier, a well known cryptographer, states that PGP is the closest you can get to military-grade encryption.
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Incorporating rich web-based applications is a great way to enhance your blog or e-commerce site. However, getting the most out of such applications isn’t as always as simple as it should be. One way to easily deliver a rich multimedia experience is with an amazing new technology developed by Microsoft - Silverlight.

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser implementation of Microsoft’s NET Framework. The system is designed to build rich interactive applications and deliver the next-generation of multimedia experiences. As a cross-platform technology, Silverlight supports popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X as well as browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Because it is essentially in the form of a small plugin, Silverlight is fairly easy and quick to install.
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Choosing the Right Shopping Cart for E-Commerce

A good shopping cart is an important element of any E-commerce site. With so many programs available from free to commercial solutions, knowing which shopping cart is best for your website can be a challenge. This article will offer a few tips to help you find a shopping cart that is just right.
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Unique IP Hosting

With so many different types of web hosting available, knowing just which one suits your personal needs can become rather confusing. If you are concerned about search engine rankings and security for your E-commerce transactions, unique IP hosting could be quite beneficial. Also referred to as static IP hosting, unique IP hosting is a situation where you have your own IP address independent of other customers on the server. Basically, this type of hosting gives you assurance that your website will not be negatively impacted by the ills and horror stories associated with a shared IP address.
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10 FAQs to Consider When Looking for Web Hosting

Most of us understand what a web hosting company does, yet it is still easy to get lost in all the glamorous promotions and often difficult to find what you’re really looking for. This article will cover some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to web hosting - questions you need answered before deciding on a provider.
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How to Spot a Web Hosting Scam

Web hosting scams are a rarity, but they do exist. This business is highly competitive and very lucrative, attracting sharks that are looking to prey on unsuspecting customers and rob them for all they can. The scams you need to watch out for are those initiated by fly-by-night hosts who have no real intentions of providing you with service.
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Common Web Hosting Terms

Web hosting is pretty straightforward on the surface, but beneath it lies a lot of technical jargon that can be very confusing. When looking for a host, you may encounter numerous unfamiliar terms from bandwidth to PHP. What do they mean? Check out our mini glossary of the most common web hosting terms.
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Yahoo Web Hosting Review

Get Yahoo Unlimited Hosting Now!
Unknown to most, Yahoo’s web hosting service has been around for some time, long enough to help this renown internet entity gather millions of satisfied customers. Yahoo caters to small businesses with a stable platform designed for success. There are many web hosts on the market unfortunately, finding a good one can be more of a challenge than it seems. When deciding on Yahoo, you can rest assured that your site will be online and available to potential clients.
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