MyBestRatedWebHosting's MBRW Second Semi-Annual 2011 Hosting Award has been officially announced! Save yourself time and money by reading our detailed review and learn who received the final award of the industry's best web host!

MBRW Second Semi-Annual 2011 Hosting Award – Fatcow

MBRW Second Semi-Annual 2011 Hosting Award

Assessing web hosting providers is not a very difficult task, as the parameters for the assessment are similar. However, comparing different web hosts on all these parameters is a painstaking process that is time intensive. When one has to conduct a comprehensive and cumulative assessment of all web hosting service providers, the task becomes a challenge. That said, it is the responsibility of the awarding body to put in the effort to hone in on the most deserving candidate for the award, and this time the honor goes to Fatcow. All service providers have been thoroughly measured on various indices, and the overall value of the packages offered by these hosts has been considered to arrive at the decision.

Attractive Prices and Elaborate Services

Fatcow has made a good name through its aggressive pricing strategy that unfailingly captures the attention of every new business looking at a web host to cater to its bandwidth needs. The low price of $44 per year, which Fatcow offers some lucrative features such, as unlimited bandwidth and storage space is almost surprising. Along with this, there are some other supplements such as a simple drag and drop website builder and free marketing credits. New clients of web hosting services, and veterans alike, find the prices and services of Fatcow too lucrative to ignore, and this accounts for the ever increasing client base of the company.

A Lethal Combination

Two deciding factors that make for lengthy discussions before any hosting service provider makes the cut for an award, or even a customer looking to use such services, are uptime and the price of the service. Fatcow packs a meaty punch and delivers an effective concoction of the two ingredients. We have already discussed the value that Fatcow provides in return of the price of the plans. The 99.9% uptime guarantee provided by Fatcow ensures that consumers are all smiles once they endorse the service.

Fatcow has been in the web hosting industry for more than a decade now and has stood the test of times to emerge as one of the most reliable and efficient web hosts. Fatcow is a ‘green’ web host, and this adds a lot to the reputation built by the company over the past few years. The company has been able to integrate the best of hosting practices into a tightly knit package that manages to cater to all hosting needs of the consumers and this entitles Fatcow to the much deserved award.

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