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Setting up Parked Domains in cPanel

Setting up Parked Domains in cPanel

Parked domains are a useful feature offered in many web hosting packages. A parked domain is basically just a domain pointer that lets you park or point domain names to your current hosting account. Here is an example – let’s say you have, but want your site to be accessible via other domains. You then go out and purchase and domain.3com. With the domain parking feature, you can set things up where visitors access the content of by typing in the URL of or domain.3com.

Sounds simple enough right? We hope so. Parked domains are easy to set up and this tutorial will show you how it can be done from your cPanel control panel.

Creating a Parked Domain

– On the main page of cPanel, locate and click the “Parked Domains” icon under the “Domains” category.

– On the Parked Domains main page, you will be immediately prompted to “Create a new parked domain.” Simply enter the domain you want to park or point to your existing account into the provided text box.

– Next, click on the “Add Domain” button.

Keep in mind that any domain you park or point to your web hosting account must be valid and registered with an ICAAN accredited registrar before it can be used. Additionally, you will need to change your parked domains to the DNS servers you are currently using for your primary domain. These actions cannot be performed from within the cPanel software. In most cases, modifying DNS server entries can be accomplished via the control panel interface provided by your domain name registrar.

After adding the desired domain, you will be directed to the next page. You should now see a message displaying the name of the domain you have decided to park, giving indication that the action was performed successfully.

Managing Your Parked Domains

– To manage your parked domain, click on the “Go Back” link.

Back on the Park Domains main page, you will see a table that contains information on the parked domain you just created. This information will be divided into the following three columns:

Domain – This entry displays the parked domain you just created above

Domain root – This entry displays the path to your park domain. By default, the system will automatically set the path to your “home/public_hmtl” directory. You have the option of switching to a directory that best suits your needs.

Remove – This entry has an icon represented by an “X” that allows you to remove the parked domain.

After clicking the icon, you will be taken to another page that asks if you really want to remove the parked domain. When you click on the “Yes” button, the removal is complete and you will get a confirmation message letting you know that your parked domain was successfully removed.


As you can see, parking domains is no difficult task. This simple feature allows you to get the most out of your domains and can act as another means of traffic for your primary domain.

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