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cPanel Tutorial: Viewing Statistics in Webalizer

Viewing Statistics in Webalizer

These days, web hosting control panels are more than meets the eye. Aside from giving you administrative control over your account, they also offer numerous features that can be put to great use. Webalizer is one of many quality features integrated into the cPanel control panel. This handy application allows you to view and analyze the statistics of your site through a Graphical User Interface, displaying the information in comprehensive charts and tables. This tutorial will go over some of the options you will find in Webalizer.

Launching Webalizer

  • On the main of the cPanel, locate and click the “Webalizer” icon underneath the “Logs” category.
  • Next, select the domain you want to view stats for.

Webalizer Stats

On the next page, you will see a graphical “Usage Summary” for your domain followed by a “Summary by Month Chart.” Usage Summary provides a graphical chart displaying the activity for your website over the last 12 months. Summary by Month provides a graphical table regarding the daily averages and monthly totals for page views, hits and other details over the past 7 to 12 months.

- Select the month you want to view statistics for and click the appropriate link.

After clicking the link, you will be directed to a page that provides detailed statistics for that particular month. This page contains a lot of information but allows you to easily navigate to specific details. Your options are as follows:

Daily Statics – Shows a bar and numbers chart that displays the number of hits, files, pages views and Kbytes

Hourly Statistics – Shows a bar and numbers charts that displays the number of hits, files page views and Kbytes

URLs – Shows a table with the top links accessed on your site. This includes hits and Kbytes associated with the link’s URL.

Entry – Shows a table with the top entry pages accessed on your site.

Exit – Shows a table with the top exit pages accessed on your site.

Sites – Shows a table with the top visitors that accessed your site. This includes hits, files, Kbytes, visits and the visitor’s host name.

Referrers – Shows a table of the top referrers (URLs) used to access your site. This also includes the number of hits made by those referrers.

Search – Shows a table of the top search strings accessed on your site. This includes the number of hits each string received.

Agents – Shows a table of browsers used to access your site. This may also include hits and information regarding specific search engine bots.
Countries – Shows a table of top visitors from specific countries that accessed you site. This also includes hits, files and Kbytes.

For those who do not like to read charts, the tables in Webalizer provide a comprehensive way to view your website statistics. This program allows you to view just who is coming in, where they are coming from, what pages they are interested in and much more. Webalizer is an efficient tool that can work wonders for your marketing campaign. By analyzing these statistics, you can find out what’s working as well as what’s not and make improvements in areas that it the most.

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26th March 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in MBRW cPanel Tutorials
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