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cPanel Tutorial: Creating FTP Accounts

Creating FTP Accounts

A web hosting company that provides FTP accounts gives you the ability to access your website files with a protocol known as File Transfer Protocol. When using the cPanel control panel, you can make an FTP connection by simply entering the domain you used when creating the FTP account.

This tutorial will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create FTP accounts in cPanel.

1. In the “Files” section of cPanel, locate and click “FTP Accounts”. From there, enter the following information:

Login – Enter the username that will be used for this particular FTP account

Password – Enter the password that will be used for this particular FTP account.

Password (Again) – Confirm your password by entering it a second time.

Directory – When tabbing or clicking the “Password” text field, this setting will automatically be set to the root/public_html/login or username you specified above. You have the option of changing the location in accordance to your personal preference.

Quota (MB) – The “Quota” text field will be set to “Unlimited” by default. This simply means that the FTP account you create will have an unlimited supply of disk space. Keep in mind that even if you leave this set to “Unlimited”, the actual amount of space the FTP account uses will not exceed the amount of space allotted by your web hosting provider.

2. Next, click the “Create” tab. You will then be presented with the following information:

FTP Username:

Password: your password

FTP Server:

FTP Port: 21

Quota: unlimited MB

3. Click the “Go Back” button.

Managing FTP Accounts

After being redirected to the main FTP Accounts page, you will find an “Accounts Management” table. This table is divided into six columns and consists of the following:
User – This entry displays the username for the associated FTP account

Type – This entry displays a variety of icons depending on what type of FTP account it is. You can view the “Legend” table for more information.

Directory – This entry displays the location of your FTP account. FTP users are restricted to the directory specified in this entry.

Disk Usage – This entry displays how much disk space has been used by the FTP account.

Quota – This entry displays the amount of disk space allocated to the FTP account.

Functions – This entry has three options which consist of the following:

  • Delete – Clicking the “Delete” icon deletes the FTP account you created from the server.
  • Edit Quota – Clicking on the “Edit Quota” icon allows you to change the amount of disk space allocated to your FTP account.
  • Change Password – Clicking on the “Change Password” icon allows you to change the password of your FTP account.

Below this table is the Legends table which gives the meaning of the icons displayed in the table above. These icons represent the following:

– The name of your home directory and all directories associated with it

– Log access that allows you to download raw logs of your website

– The main account that provides FTP access to all your website files

– Sub accounts that allow people to use FTP to access files within a specific directory and all the sub directories within it.

Creating FTP accounts is a fairly easy process. Keep in mind that in order to transfer files, a special program known as an FTP client is required.

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19th March 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in MBRW cPanel Tutorials

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