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Inmotion Testimonials

Real Inmotion Hosting Testimonial
InMotion has given my growing company the reliability, flexibility and consistency that I have been looking for. Their customer service and technical support have always been fast and efficient. I have never waited on hold and have always had my requests handled promptly and professionally. I wish all my vendors were as effective as InMotion.

Ajay Narain
Sunnyvale, CA

In the world of hosting it’s difficult to find a company with any customer service at a price you can afford. My experience was NO customer service and corresponding via email many times hours between responses. That experience was changed dramatically when I found I actually was able to speak to a real person and was frankly shocked at the level of service they offer at such reasonable prices. I had websites scattered all over the web with people who didn’t care if they had my business or not.

I currently have about 25 sites with InMotion Hosting and plan to have many more. I spend well into 6 figures every month on online advertising and having my sites up is crucial to my business. I have no one that even comes close to the level of service that I have received from InMotion Hosting I have talked to their staff on both east and west coast and there has been no drop off in service. They have actually gone above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend them and as far as I am concerned they are absolutely #1 with me.

W. Timothy Parker
Charlotte , NC

As a busy developer and site administrator, I know how difficult it is to find a reliable, consistent and accessible hosting company. I have many sites on servers; everything from their budget plans to dedicated servers. They all run quickly and with no downtime. I recommend them, though, because of their service. It’s as good as the top-tier dedicated providers, at a fraction of the cost, and with great performance. I’ve dealt with all of them, and can say that is unique in it’s ability to provide world class performance, technical support and service at a modest price.

Jason Larson
Bellingham, WA

To the Staff of InMotion Hosting,

I felt the need to write you and let you all know what an outstanding job all of you have done.

Since I switched to InMotion hosting a few years ago, I have not once regretted it. In fact it has been one of the best choices I have made, not only for myself, but my clients as well.

I have been a web designer for many years with quite a few clients. The problem I kept running into was below average customer service with other hosting companies. That all changed the day I switched to InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting puts their clients first and provides superior hosting plans, superior products, and superior customer service at some of the best rates on the web today. You are always working on ways to improve service and offering your customers the very best hosting service on the web today.

Other hosting companies only talk about great customer service while InMotion hosting provides it. Anytime I have had questions or issues, you have always been there night or day to help me and my clients out. As a result you make me look good and my clients feel secure. That is priceless to me.

Keep up the Awesome Job Everyone!

Royce Bishop
Irving, TX

I just switched to InMotion Hosting and so far my experience has been 100% positive. The old “mega-hosting” service I used before was a nightmare. Now, with InMotion Hosting I have complete control over my account, my FTP access is faster, and it’s less expensive! But most importantly the technical support at In Motion is first-class. They answer every question with the level of detail and accuracy a professional webmaster expects. I only wish I had switched to InMotion 2 years ago!

Charles Evans
Seattle, WA

I signed up with a major hosting company. Two days after I started my service with this other company, I became very un-happy with their customer service. I was tricked into thinking my plan came with all these special features, which turns out in the end, I would have to pay $5 extra for each feature a month. I spoke with several different companies after that, including InMotion. I was able to get fast responses, incredible help and support. Not to mention, a plan that included all the special features I need and all the same features that were in “others” plans, for less money. I cancelled my other hosting plan on the spot. InMotion’s customer service and tech help are very friendly and timely, realizing the importance of my website to me. Their servers are fast and reliable. I have never had any problems. Being that I’m not a web guru, its helpful to talk to someone who can help me, and not make me feel like a moron for not knowing how to do something. I recommend InMotion Hosting to everyone. You can’t beat it! Thanks!

Todd Fullford
Nashville, TN

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with InMotion. You’re always up, your support is excellent and I have NEVER had a problem with uptime or connections. Not to mention that your rates are very reasonable. By the way, congrats on opening the new support center.

Recently, I had a friend of mine tell me that his hosting service was down for over 24 hours.. I recommended InMotion. I am also recommending InMotion to my local bowling association for hosting their web site.

Tim Sawyer
Merrimack, NH

This is a note on the positive side of your quality focus. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent technical help I received recently related to “forms” on my domain Adam, who assisted me, was very professional and effective in his work and helpful in his attitude. I appreciated it very much. He’s another reason I’m happy for having signed up (In February) for InMotion Hosting. As I have the opportunity, I’ll be eager to spread the good word about your organization. Thanks again.

Richard Goers
Berkley, MI

We at Environmental Pest Management, Inc. wanted to extend our thanks to you for providing us with an excellent solution for hosting our website. We have been working hard to get on the web and building our website. There are a few cosmetic things on our site that need to be taken care of, but everything went very smoothly. We were impressed with your support, tutorials, FAQ’s, and the availability of information. Publishing our site was incredibly easy and loaded without any problems. Thank you so much for making this easy, and we are very happy that we chose InMotion Hosting. We look forward to being with you well into the future. Thank you again.

Jeff Rice
Indiana, PA

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