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MBRW Exclusive Interview with Carrie Radske – HostPapa Affiliate Manager

Carrie Radske Hostpapa

Q1: Why should I choose to host my site with HostPapa?

Ans. That’s a great question to start with! HostPapa is the ideal all-round web solutions provider for individuals and small and medium sized businesses. Our hosting plan is robust, affordable, reliable, up to date, and packed with features and extras. Our growing list of additional services – from mobile website optimization to a cloud-based office suite – ensures our customers have access to the latest resources and tools for web success. Our multi-language (English, French, Spanish) customer support is available 24/7.

As well, all HostPapa operations are powered by 100% green renewable energy – so every customer that chooses HostPapa is choosing to do something good for the Earth. And that’s just a start! There are many fantastic reasons to choose HostPapa as your web host.

Q2: What separates HostPapa from the other competitors?

Ans. HostPapa sets a high standard for customer service, which we think truly sets us apart. We are always available, day and night, to talk to our customers and to help them work through any concerns or issues. Our motto is “let Papa take care of you” – and that’s what we do. We all spend so much time in front of our computers these days; it’s the way of the modern world, but it can also be very impersonal. At HostPapa, we try to bring some of the warmth back with real, thoughtful interactions. And helpful! Our support team members are real pros.

HostPapa is a green web host – all of our operations are powered by 100% renewable energy – which we think is very important and a key reason many of our clients choose our services. As well, we’ve been in the web hosting industry since 2006: we’re a reliable, steadily growing company. In an industry where there are too many fly-by-night operations, HostPapa is here to stay.

And, of course, our services are second to none – and our pricing is very competitive. Our service offerings constantly evolve, to keep up with the latest software, features, and trends. All of this gives HostPapa a clear edge in today’s competitive business climate.

Q3: What does HostPapa offer in terms of customer support? Is the staff in house or outsourced? Also, what are your support options?

Ans. We’re glad you asked this. HostPapa’s customer support is all done in-house – nothing is outsourced! This has always been very important to us; our professional customer support representatives are a key part of the HostPapa team and they are fully engaged in the company. They are a part of the family, if you will!

It is also very important to be available at all times. We know customers can run into issues at any time of the day or night, and our support team is ready, 24/7, to help. Clients can contact support day or night by email support ticket, toll-free phone, or live chat. We currently offer support in English, French, and Spanish.

Full support is included with all hosting plans. Some of our additional offerings, such as Google Apps for Business, come with service-specific support and administrative options.

Q4: Some people just don’t want to deal with moving from one host to another. Does HostPapa offer any services to make this transition easier?

Ans. Transferring between web hosts can definitely be a headache. We will do whatever we can to simplify the process for our new customers – we want to welcome them to HostPapa with open arms and ensure their continued online success.

Customers who transfer their domain name to HostPapa can use it as their “free domain for life.” That means HostPapa will renew the domain on behalf of the customer, as long as he or she has a HostPapa account!

HostPapa’s support team is available 24/7 to assist with web hosting account transfer and to answer any questions. As well, the HostPapa support centre has a number of video tutorials and knowledgebase articles to ensure our new customers make a smooth transition with no downtime.

Q5: HostPapa offers many different solutions and services; can you briefly talk about each of them?

Ans. Sure thing! HostPapa is best known as an affordable green web hosting company. That’s how we started in 2006, and we still pride ourselves on our secure, reliable shared website hosting plan. This fully featured plan includes 1 free domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, cPanel control panel, Fantastico script library, Soholaunch site builder, an SEO toolkit, free marketing credits, and much more. With HostPapa’s excellent shared hosting plan, clients may host unlimited domains.

We also offer reseller hosting. This is about the simplest way to start your own business we know! Our resellers purchase HostPapa’s web hosting services and disk space, then resell it under their own name, to their own customers. With the help of cPanel/WHM and free billing software, it can be quite easy and profitable to be a HostPapa reseller!

In addition to our core hosting services, HostPapa offers a growing list of additional business and web solutions, including partnerships with goMobi, Google, and SiteLock.

HostPapa has partnered with GoMobi to offer an excellent website mobile optimization tool. As we all know, Internet use is going increasingly mobile. With HostPapa goMobi, our customers are able to effectively reach their customers where they are, because their sites will work perfectly on smartphones, tablets, laptops… any mobile device!

HostPapa is also a Google Apps for Business Authorized Reseller. Not only to we offer this amazing, comprehensive cloud office suite to businesses, groups, and organizations of all sizes, but we have developed exclusive training tools to make the transition easy. Our customers who “go Google” are saving money, working more efficiently, and really enjoying this new way of working! From data migration assistance to ongoing full admin support, subscribing for Google Apps through HostPapa is definitely the way to go.

HostPapa also offers the SiteLock Security Seal – advanced website security against all of today’s threats – and HostPapa Connect, a groundbreaking email marketing tool that is already achieving huge returns for our customers.

There is a lot more to come – stay tuned!

Q6: Please tell us about HostPapa’s data centers and reliability.

Ans. The HostPapa data centers are equipped with the latest hardware powered by Intel server products and a fully featured Cisco-powered network. They have all the security features you can imagine, including 24/7 uniformed security guards, full electronic access control, and around-the-clock electronic and human monitoring. The raised-floor premises are equipped with complete climate and temperature control, fault protection, security, fire-suppression systems, water detection systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), standby and redundant power generation, and diesel backup generators.

What does all of that mean? Well, the evidence is in our 99.9% server uptime guarantee. If an issue should ever arise, we have the monitoring and controls in place to act quickly and effectively to keep all our customers online.

Q7: HostPapa is a 100% green hosting company. Can you explain what the means?

Ans. HostPapa is a green web hosting pioneer. We were one of the first web hosts to make a public commitment to going green – we’re happy to see that many other web hosts have followed suit. After all, every step towards reducing our global carbon footprint is a step in the right direction.

All of our operations – our servers, data centers, office space and so on – are powered by 100% green renewable energy. First, we undergo regular energy audits. We then purchase energy certificates that match our consumption, so that an equal amount of green energy is supplied to the power grid. We are proud to support the research and development of wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources in this way.

Our green ethic filters down through our organization, from office recycling programs to our support of organizations such as (a wonderful Canadian company that plants trees in developing countries around the word). We engage our customers through our social media networks in discussions about green hosting, eco-living, and related topics.

Q8: Are you planning any major changes in the future? Where do you see HostPapa going in the next couple of years?

Ans. HostPapa is in the midst of an on-going evolution. As we alluded to above, HostPapa began as a shared web hosting provider, period. Gradually, we’ve been adding additional services to our repertoire, partly in response to consumer demand. We want to help our customers succeed online – having easy access to services like a cloud office suite (Google Apps for Business), heightened website security (SiteLock), and email marketing (HostPapa Connect) will be a true benefit to businesses of all sizes. You’ll see more services and products coming from HostPapa over the next couple of years. These are exciting times for the company, and we encourage everyone to visit our website often to check out the changes.

HostPapa will always be a great place to host a website – but it’s also a one-stop shop for web solutions for both our web hosting clients and other web users. From website design to marketing, we’ll offer all the tools and resources website owners need to be successful.

Q9: What is HostPapa’s outlook on the future of web hosting?

Ans. Web hosting is a healthy industry – but it is changing. You’ll definitely see even more cloud-based web services being offered, especially as individuals and businesses become increasingly mobile and demand anywhere, anytime access to files, services, and software.

Speaking of mobile, mobile usage is only going to continue to increase, and smart businesses will learn to move to meet customers at this level. All websites need to be accessible and easy to use on all devices; consumers demand instant gratification, whether they’re looking for information or services, and the business that isn’t there to greet them will be left behind.

It’s fair to say the online world is only going to become more crowded, as more companies move online, as it becomes even easier for anyone to start a web site, as social media continues to grow… successful websites are going to have to have sharp strategies to cut through the noise and attract the right traffic. HostPapa is really focused on developing and offering tools that will help our customers stand out in the crowd – to connect with their visitors or customers and make a real impact.

Another area we’re focused on is website security. Security is definitely going to stay high on peoples’ radar, and for good reason. Major hacking attacks and data breaches are in the news virtually every day. Consumers will demand higher security assurances and proactive measures from web hosts. HostPapa is proud to stay at the forefront of security technology, for the safety and continued success of the entire HostPapa family.

To visit HostPapa go to

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11th June 2012
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Exclusive-Interviews

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  1. Darcy Whyte says:

    I found the hosting unreliable. They said it was because of other customers on the same server. But that still comes down to my site being down all the time.

    Helpdesk service varied from good to non existent.

    I’ve moved to a new provider.

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