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Interviews with Tiara Rea : Lunarpages Business Development

Interviews with Tiara Rea

Q1. Why are your free web site programs for schools only offered to those attending K-12 public schools?

Answer : Lunarpages Web Hosting has always been about supporting our community, so we try to do this wherever and however we can. A few years ago, Ron Riddle, the CEO and founder of Lunarpages, created the Free Web Hosting for Schools offer, which we still run today. We limited the free offer to K-12 US Public Schools because those are the schools in need of the most financial support. Lunarpages provides other services, like our Affiliate Program, to help Universities or other nonprofit organizations fund their programs.

Q2. Do you plan to offer it for those who attend private schools any time in the future?

Answer : Normally, private schools can raise enough capital to afford our web hosting plan pricing structures (which are incredibly competitive in terms of price), so at this time we do not have plans to offer private schools free web hosting plans.

Q3. What is an LP Quicksite Hosting Plan?

Answer : LPQuicksite Hosting is our newest web hosting plan! It is designed for the new user, small business owner, blogger, parent, student, family, organization, and more. With over 300 templates to choose from in over twenty categories (including Web 2.0, Technology, Family, Entertainment, and more), there is literally a template for every kind of website. The LPQuicksite Hosting Plan allows customers to get their websites up and running in 2 hours or less, with design and development assistance from Lunarpages staff. In short, LPQuicksite makes it easy with 24/7 support, free blog, free easy ecommerce and photo gallery, email accounts, and unlimited webpage creation.

Q4. Is your hosting transfer offer available all of the time or is it a time limited offer?

Answer :It is a limited time offer, but is a fantastic value when coupled with our current special on Basic Hosting.

Q5. I am not sure which hosting plan is best for me. Could you please give me a brief explanation of the ones you offer?

Answer : Yes, of course!

  • Basic Hosting: This is our most popular web hosting plan, designed for bloggers, parents, schools, organizations, web designers and developers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and more. Starting at $4.95/month for Unlimited Hosting (for limited time only), you can see why this is our best seller.  The Basic Hosting Plan comes with 1 Free Domain, $775 Free Software, and more!
  • Small Business Hosting: Starting at $21.95/month, Lunarpages Small Business Hosting Plan is perfect for work-at-home businesses, small to medium online stores and ecommerce ventures, organizations requiring advanced ecommerce needs, and any other service that needs a web presence. The Small Business Hosting Plan comes with 3 Free Domains, 1 Free Dedicated IP Address, and more!
  • LPQuicksite Hosting: This is the perfect plan for folks who need a simple online solution that doesn’t take long to setup. You can literally choose a domain, pick a template, enter your necessary content, upload your pictures, and publish—all in a matter of minutes! And if you get stuck, you can have a Lunarpages LPQuicksite expert help you get your website up and running. The LPQuicksite Hosting Plan comes with 1 Free Domain, $775 free software, 30 minutes of design and development assistance, and more!
  • Windows Website Hosting: Our Microsoft-based web hosting plan is perfect for customers who require ASP.NET or MSSQL support. This plan offers 3 free months of hosting, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Email addresses, and 24/7 Customer Support!
  • VPS & Dedicated Servers: Our Windows or Linux based Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Server Plans are for the more technically advanced users who require greater resources out of their web or database servers. We can literally customize the perfect solution for every customer on a case-by-case basis. Our VPS Plans start at $39.95/month and our Dedicated Servers start at $99/month.

Q6. On what date does your winter special come to an end? Do you plan to offer a summer special?

Answer : At this time, we do not have a specific end date planned for our current Winter Special, but it is a limited time offer, so customers will need to act fast if they wish to take advantage of our $4.95/month Unlimited Hosting special. Last summer, we had some amazing deals on hosting, and while I can’t give anything specific away, I will say watch for phenomenal deals that only Lunarpages Web Hosting could bring you. 😉 You can also check our Web Hosting Newsletter at for the latest deals and discounts.

Q7. Could I start with a Windows hosting plan and if I am satisfied with it, upgrade to a Windows VPS hosting plan in the future?

Answer : Of course! Our upgrades are 100% free and incredibly easy. Many times, we can actually transfer the entire website for you without any downtime at your convenience. Plus, if you are upgrading to a more expensive hosting plan, we will use the money remaining in your hosting account towards payment of your new plan.

Q8. I am not clear on what the reseller hosting plan is. Could you describe it in further detail for me?

Answer : Yes, definitely. The Reseller Hosting Plan is geared towards web hosting resellers who want to sell web hosting to their clients. So if you are a web designer and would like to host your clients, you might choose the Reseller Plan for this service. You as a designer charge your customers whatever pricing you’d like and pay Lunarpages for the service of hosting them. Your customers will never even know they are hosting with Lunarpages, since our Reseller Control Panel is fully customizable.

Q9. If I have a problem with my plan, what will Lunarpages do for me?

Answer : Whatever we can! Lunarpages primary concern is customer satisfaction. That is why we have been the number one web hosting provider in the world since 1998—because we care about our customers. If you have a problem, simply give us a call via our Toll Free Number or shoot us an email and we will sort things out for you at no additional charge. Lunarpages offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee and 99.9% uptime, so we are sure you won’t run into any trouble.

Q10. What do you believe makes Lunarpages stand out in the industry?

Answer : Our care for our customers and our community have always been the two features that really make Lunarpages stand out in the web hosting industry. Since 1998, we have been helping customers put up their websites, create ecommerce ventures, run their small businesses, publish blogs, and secure their domain names. Over 150,000 customers worldwide trust Lunarpages with their online web presence, and we hope you will too!

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