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Interviews with Jeremy Fox : IX Web Hosting Marketing Manager

Interviews with Jeremy Fox

Q1. What do you offer that is better than other web hosting companies?

Answer : As most comparison shoppers for hosting know, all companies seem to throw around the same words to persuade customers into buying their services. At IX Web Hosting, every word we use is backed by facts and extensive experience. We’ve been in business for more than 10 years, which is a quality you won’t find in many other hosting companies. We use words like “Unlimited,” because experience has shown us that customers can’t use as much bandwidth and disk space as we offer! We herald our customer service department because a lot of effort went into making it friendly, efficient and superior to those of other companies. We guarantee our uptime at 99.9% and if that minimum isn’t met, the customer gets his or her money back. We offer products that other hosting companies do not and at a special discount to our customers. We made sure that over the years, we maintained a level of service, features and flexibility that was far above the rest.

Q2. Why should I choose to host my blog and/or website with IX?

Answer : The websites our customers host with IX are extremely important to us. We know how much effort goes into creating and maintaining a site and we take our job very seriously. We have our own data center (something many hosting companies cannot boast) and we monitor it 24/7. We protected our investment in our data center so that our customers can protect theirs. We have extreme, high-performance servers, a state-of-the-art cooling system (that is also energy efficient) and back-up generators in case of power-loss. We are one of the most beginner-friendly hosts on the market with our extensive FAQ section, manuals, guides and video tutorials. Our customer service department is also happy to help if one-on-one service is preferable. Bottom line: none of our customers should have to worry about service, uptime, security, bandwidth or disk space. Their site is safe with us. Our price is also extremely low: starting at only $3.95 a month!

Q3. If a user does not understand what some of your features are, such as Mambo CMS or Vtiger, do you offer more in-depth descriptions of the many available features?

Answer : All a customer has to do if they are unsure of the specific definition of a feature is go to where we list the features (on our hosting plans page) and scroll their mouse over the blue, informational “i”. We make sure to clarify all of our features so that our list has meaning to everyone—not just experienced webmasters. We would be wary of any hosting company that displays a complicated list of features with no explanation in sight/site.

Of course, if the explanations available don’t answer all of the questions a customer may have about a particular feature, we welcome calls into our sales or customer service department. The number is displayed on each page of our website.

Q4. Why is Windows hosting only available with your Business Plus and Unlimited Pro plans?

Answer : You may have noticed that many other hosting companies don’t even offer Windows hosting because it is tricky, more expensive to maintain and not as profitable as Linux hosting. We offer Windows hosting because our customers asked for it. The reason it is only available on the higher plans is to protect our customers. Windows hosting takes a bit more work to be as reliable as Linux hosting, so in order to make sure our Windows servers are properly maintained, we have to employ specialized technicians. Instead of charging our customers more for Windows hosting, we figured we would start them on a better plan that they would have likely chosen anyway.

Q5. Why is your business plus hosting plan the most popular?

Answer : Our Business Plus plan has more to offer than our Expert plan, but moreover, its price still rivals that of the “bare minimum” plans of other hosting companies. Our customers are smart. IX Web Hosting is already at one of the lowest prices in the industry for what we offer, so even our most robust plan isn’t technically a splurge.

Q6. Why do you only offer 1 Dedicated IP with the expert hosting plan?

Answer : Most hosting plans offer only 1 Dedicated IP (or 0!), even with plans they market at a much higher price point than IX. The reason we only offer one dedicated IP on our Expert plan is because generally, those that purchase the Expert plan have no use for more than one dedicated IP anyhow, and those that would require more than one don’t have an interest in basic plans. Our Business Plus plan includes 8 dedicated IPs at a price only slightly higher than the Expert plan.

Q7. Why is the Expert Plan so inexpensive as compared to the other two plans?

Answer : We just dropped our price by 20%! The slipping economy was one major reason for this price decrease. We didn’t want anyone who previously wanted to create a site not to because of cost. The Expert Plan offers everything that other hosting companies offer at a higher price, plus more. We wanted to offer a plan that was rich in features, but affordable for everyone.

Our prices across our three plans are also lower than the vast majority of other hosting companies and we don’t compromise service to maintain our low pricing. We’re extremely proud of this, so being able to offer such a jam-packed plan at such a low price is our way of “showing off,” so to speak. This is the one instance where hubris benefits customers!

Q8. If someone is new to the industry, can you help them determine which hosting plan will best suit their needs?

Answer : We would love to!

If you are starting a blog or a personal site, it’s very likely that the Expert plan for only $3.95 a month will be suitable for you. We provide a wide range of scripts so that you can implement everything from a photo gallery to a forum, right on your site. All of our scripts are free and install instantly with one click. If you want a blog, it couldn’t be easier to set up with IX.

If you’re thinking about starting or extending an online business, Business Plus is an obvious choice. We offer all the bandwidth, storage and dedicated IPs you need to get started. We also give over 100 dollars worth of free advertising with Google, Yahoo and MIVA to get your business noticed. IX also offers a wide variety of products that are meant to catapult businesses to success for a low cost. Even more is available with our Unlimited Pro plan, which is also a popular choice amongst businesses.

Q9. If I run into a problem, be it big or small, what can I do?

Answer : There are three ways to contact our support team and each way is active, 24/7. If it’s a really small problem that you suspect you can find an answer to from our website, check out our support page which features an extensive FAQ section, a giant (but easy to read) hosting manual and dozens of video tutorials. We hope you will never run into a big problem, but if it happens, our support team is here to resolve it as quickly and as nicely as possible.

Q10. If I decide I want to have a number of different websites, can I choose more than one hosting plan?

Answer : With IX Web Hosting, you don’t need to! All of our plans allow for multiple domain hosting, so you don’t have to worry about spending more money to host another domain. If you have unmetered bandwidth, why should you be made to pay extra for using it?


Name: Jeremy Fox
Company: IX Web Hosting
Title: Marketing Manager

Contact: ( anytime!!!)

MSN Messenger:
AIM: fox12486

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4 Responses to “Interviews with Jeremy Fox : IX Web Hosting Marketing Manager”

  1. Mark Wattenbarger says:

    Way to go kid! What were the rating things for…reliability, price value etc? I put all 5’s.


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  2. scrooge says:

    I’ve used IX for a couple years now. They’re prtty good, but not necessarily my top pick.

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  3. Never IX says:

    Nicely said Jeremy,…. sly as a fox!
    I am very curious if you have actually ever used ix web hosting to host any sites?, or have you ever contacted the support at ix?
    Do you know anything about security, or friendly customer care? I honestly think, or hope that you have not got a clue about ix web hosting… you just continue to lure people into wasting their hard earned money on useless and worthless hosting!! How do you sleep at night?
    w w w.ixwebhostwarning.wordpress.c0m/
    Let the truth be known

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  4. Jeremy Fox says:

    Hello Never IX,

    I’ve seen you before, on twitter, on google, on wordpress, you are quite set on bringing IX down. I fully respect your right to have an opinion and share it with others however I disagree with the way you are going about it.

    I am very sorry you had a poor experience with IX and I obviously wish it never happened. However at this point there is little I can do except apologize and be on my way.

    If you have a specific matter you would like to discuss then feel free to contact me or our support system and we’d be happy to help you as best we can.

    Thanks and good luck sir, life is short, be happy

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