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Interviews with Jeff Bishop : Inmotion Web Hosting Manager

Jeff Bishop Inmotion Hosting

Q1. What is the difference between the Launch, Power and Pro Business Class Web Hosting?

Answer : The main differences between our Launch and Power plans are that the Power plan is Ecommerce ready and has more than double the features of the Launch plan. The Power plan is built for the small businesses, especially those who need an online storefront. Our Pro plan is the most robust Business Class plan due to its resource allotment.

Q2. Why did you select cPanel as the primary control panel interface?

Answer : cPanel is an industry leader in stability and functionality. It is easy to use for a beginner, yet has the necessary tools for an advanced user.

Q3. Can I host a number of different sites at one time with InMotion Hosting?

Answer : Absolutely. All Business Class plans come with multiple websites on one account and our VPS and Dedicated Servers have unlimited websites on one account.

Q4. Can I choose to host one of my sites with personal hosting and another with business class hosting at the same time?

Answer : We have many clients who have purchased multiple plans for different needs and easy billing.

Q5. Can I upgrade my hosting plan at any time?

Answer : All of our plans are fully scalable. Our clients may upgrade their hosting plan at anytime with minimal or zero downtime.

Q6. Why do 4 out of 5 clients have Business Class hosting at InMotion Hosting?

Answer : Our Business Class hosting plans are packed with so many features that they work well for almost any small business. Whether a client is looking for email functionality, easy-to-install 3rd party programs, ecommerce features or just great all around shared web hosting our Business Class can fit just about any need.

Q7. Why should a Webmaster consider VPS Hosting with InMotion Hosting?

Answer : Our VPS Hosting plans come with everything a client needs already pre-installed. This includes the latest LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack and cPanel. Our Support Experts can also customize the installs if a client requires something special, such as an older version of PHP or MySQL. Most other VPS providers offer a bare machine with nothing more than the OS. Going with InMotion Hosting can save a Webmaster an immense amount of time because they won’t have to install everything before they’re able to launch. Our VPS solutions are ready to go right from the get go.

Q8. What is the Virtuozzo technology you employ?

Answer : We use Parallels Virtuozzo which is one of the leading virtualization platforms out there.

Q9. What will I receive with your free evaluation for building a web site?

Answer : Our Website Management department will go over your current website looking for key areas of improvement such as modern design, branding, search engine optimization (SEO) and functionality. Our staff members have years of experience in creating websites that really perform and convert visitors into leads.

Q10. How long will the limited time offer of $0 down and $59.95/mo for web site management be available?

Answer : It is exactly that, for a “limited time” so be sure to call and have your consultation as soon as possible!

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