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Interview with Thomas Vollrath – WebFusion Managing Director

Interview with Thomas Vollrath - WebFusion Online Marketing

Q1. What goals did Webfusion set out to accomplish upon entering the hosting business?

Answer Webfusion has been offering top quality hosting solutions in Europe since 1996 – we host over a million sites altogether. We entered the North American market late last year and we’re aiming to offer better value reliable hosting to consumers and small businesses in the US and Canada.

Q2. How has Webfusion grown and adapted to evolving web hosting technologies?

Answer We have close ties with lots of technology partners, including Dell, Microsoft and IBM. We’ve worked hard to build up those relationships because they‘re one of the best ways we can ensure our server technology is at the cutting edge.

Additionally, our in-house development team leads production of our own control panel. We’re always listening to our customers’ feedback, and we use that to direct improvements to our control panel.

Q3. How has your company been able to remain afloat in the highly competitive hosting marketplace?

Answer We work hard to continue to build on our solid position as a market leader in Europe, where we host over a million sites. By offering superior value and 24/7 support, we have been able to continue to grow and offer additional products each year.

Q4. What makes hosting with Webfusion different from the array of other hosting providers on the scene?

Answer We stay focused on providing solutions that work for our customers. We work hard to implement features we know people will actually use, because they’ve told us that’s what they want.

Even though we’ve grown consistently over the years, we’re always looking at our technology and processes to try and identifying ways to improving them. That lets us stay flexible as the needs of our customers change.

Q5. What type of services does Webfusion make available to experienced webmasters and novice users?

Answer Our hosting packages are some of the best value options on the market at the moment. We offer three levels of package which cover from beginners all the way through to an advanced level.

Each of them is configured for a variety of scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and ASP.NET and is fully compatible with the latest database technology. We’ve also built in the very latest security features and statistics options which are useful to webmasters of all levels.

Q6. How does the WebFusion control panel stack up against industry-leading software such as cPanel and Plesk?

Answer Building a control panel from scratch allows us to tailor it for the needs of our customers. That means our control panel offers all the technical solutions that people have come to expect from the major providers – plus some useful extra features and specific tools that people have requested.

Developing the control panel is an ongoing process though. We’re still listening to feedback from our customers and using it guide our next improvements.

Q7. How can customers looking to start their own e-commerce business benefit from your services?

Answer Our hosting packages are compatible with a variety of ASP and PHP based shopping carts, we offer a shared SSL with each hosting package and customers can configure a dedicated SSL as desired.

We’re planning to extend our ecommerce facilities to give our customers even more options in the near future, so watch this space!

Q8. What is Webfusion doing to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction?

Answer We believe in offering the best experience to our customers every time they contact us or use our services.

For instance, we have 24/7 telephone support on a toll-free number – so every one of our customers can get in touch with us whenever they have a problem. We think providing 24/7 support is particularly important because companies often update their sites over night – and lots of techies work during unusual hours!

When our support team is notified about a problem, their first priority is always to find a solution. But it doesn’t end once that’s done; we log everything and use the feedback customers give us to help decide which areas to develop or improve next.

Q9. What is WebFusion’s outlook on the future of web hosting?

Answer As always in this business, things are changing fast! We think we’ll see the focus move more towards web hosts providing ‘value-add’ services. We see ourselves as a market leader in delivering superior value – so watch for some exciting new products in the coming months!

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  1. ByRalph says:

    Thank you for putting up another outstanding interview on this page. I found the interview material to be very relevant and interesting. I look forward to more interviews that you guys post on here. Thanks again!!

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  2. Ramos says:

    Everything about this interview I found very helpful and insightful. While a lot of the points that were made within the interview weren’t anything I haven’t really heard before, it’s interesting to see things from an insiders perspective. Thank you so much to both the interviewer and the interviewee.

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