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Interview with Sophy Gasson – JustHost Marketing Manager

Interview with Sophy Gasson

Why should I choose Justhost over other hosting companies?

Q1. What is the difference between your Just Plan and your Premium Plan?

Answer With Just Host’s Premium Plan you receive three free domain names rather than the one that you get with our Standard plan. Apart from that there is no difference in the two plans.

Q2. Can I start with one plan when I sign up and then upgrade later on?

Answer You can up or downgrade your Just Host account at any time, you just need to email our Billing Dept.

Q3. Would you please elaborate on your unique load balancing technology?

Answer All the sites hosted within our data centre benefit from our load balancing technology, this means that all our customers websites are available from multiple servers so if one should fail, another will start up and take its place virtually eliminating all downtime.

Q4. Can you explain why you utilize cPanel as the primary control panel interface?

Answer cPanel is the most widely used control panel in the world and there is definitely a reason for this. We don’t want to make things hard for our clients and as the majority will have already used cPanel it makes perfect sense for us to supply it to them to. For new users it is definitely the best for them to use as its layout is simple and easy to navigate.

Q5. What will the free Script Library allow users to do?

Answer Our script library Fantastico gives our clients access to a massive list of scripts to help them easily build their site’s content whatever it may be. This is ideal for people who want to create blogs, ecommerce sites or image galleries and includes well known scripts such as Joomla, phpBB and Drupal.

Q6. Are the free installs you offer (such as OSCommerce and WordPress) simple to install?

Answer Each of the scripts can be installed at the click of a button. Our support team are on hand 24/7 to help with any queries people may have, but we’re very confident that our clients will find the scripts very simple to install.

Q7. How can a new domain name be added to my account at Justhost?

Answer You can purchase and add a new domain to your account all from within your control panel. You can add as many addon or parked domains to your account as you wish.

Q8. Can I transfer my domain from another host to Justhost with relative ease?

Answer If you’d like to transfer your domain over to Just Host to manage you just need to sign up selecting to transfer your domain and then email our Transfer dept supplying them with your EPP code and ensuring your domain is unlocked they’ll handle the transfer for you.

Q9. What does it mean when you say that you host unlimited domains?

Answer This means you really can host unlimited, as many as you’d like, domains in your cPanel account. You could have them all as addon domain so that they were all totally separate sites or add them as parked domains so they all direct to your main site.

Q10. Can you tell me about the technology that you employee to maintain server security?

Answer Well I do not want to give too much away but for the more technical minded, we use mod_suPHP ensuring there is a strong isolation between users accounts. SFTP is also available for secure FTP file transfers and all our accounts are protected behind multiple fire walls.

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