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Interview with Ben Park of WebHostingPad

Interview with Ben Park of WebHostingPad

Q1. As a company that started in 2005, you are still new to the business. What do you have to offer me that is superior to what other companies have to offer?

Answer We blow away our competition on price and superior support. Our prices cannot be touched. We offer the best value on web hosting. Second, our support teams are all inhouse and available 24/7. Also, they don’t just provide e fixes but we provide solutions to the problems.

Q2. Can you tell me about your state of the art data center? What makes it state of the art?

Answer What makes our data center above and beyond the rest is our acceptance of obsolesces. What I mean is, we know that technology evolves and needs to be updated. Also, technology eventually fails. What we do is constantly replenish our technology with newer and better servers as our older equipment gets phased out. We don’t wait for our servers to fail first and then replace them. We are proactive in staying ahead of the game.

Q3. If I choose to use your site builder, is each step self explanatory?

Answer Yes, our online sitebuilder is very user friendly. It takes the user through a 7 step process to getting a website up and running in under an hour. Also, another great feature is that it is template driven. This means the user can choose from over 500 built in templates for their website design. No html needed.

Q4. How many features can I add to my plan at once?

Answer Every hosting plan comes with a ton of resources and features like unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited ftp accounts. It’s what we call the all inclusive plan. To see the full list of the features, they are available at

Q5. How long will your $3.96/mo special be available?

Answer We have actually lowered the price on our best hosting package and it is available for $1.99/mo. This is a limited time only offer and we are experiencing great success with it. I haven’t heard from the higher ups on how long it will be available so your readers should take advantage of it while it lasts.

Q6. Do I need to know HTML to build a website at

Answer While with any website, knowing HTML is a definite plus, it isn’t necessary. Not if you use our online sitebuilding tool. It is an easy to use program that provides the most common elements of a website.

Q7. What backup solutions for my website do you offer?

Answer We take weekly backups of our servers. Plus we do provide alternate backup solutions through a partnership with some of the best online back providers.

Q8. Can I transfer from my current host to yours?

Answer Yes, in most cases you can. Specifically if your previous host uses cPanel, we would be able to do what’s called a cPanel to cPanel transfer. Basically recreating your entire account on our servers.

Q9. If I am not pleased with the service I receive, what can be done for me?

Answer We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with our service. But as part of our quality assurance we always try to assist our customers with whatever issues they may have to resolve it before they cancel.

Q10. Do you plan to offer more hosting plans in the future?

Answer We are growing everyday so anything is possible. Right now, our focus is not enhancing the web hosting user experience even more for our customers by providing more options and features to provide a full web hosting experience.

Q11. Can you tell me about the technology that you employee to maintain server security?

Answer We hired the best server administrators and technicians available anywhere. Our dedicated admin team provide constant supervision and monitoring of our datacenters to combat any threat.

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    While I did find the interview interesting and to the point, I wish there were some tougher questions involved. It seems a bit that the interview is used as a selling point for the web host instead of an interview to find out some unknown information. Overall a good job though.

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