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Since the times of the dot-com bust there has been a resurgence of new websites popping up on the world wide web. While they may not be earning top dollar from IPOs, they are staying alive with smart marketing and sound online business practices. And with all the new business websites appearing, there has also been a demand for accessible and dependable web hosting. formed in 2004 to provide just that – fast and reliable web hosting at an affordable price.
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Sitecloud Hosting Review

SiteCloud Review

Cloud computing technology is the wave of the future. IT geeks have found a way to utilize clustered server technology that makes it both fast and efficient, and yet almost totally reliable and free from crashes. While larger corporations and computing companies are using cloud technology, it is still not yet widely available for web hosting.

However, enter Sitecloud, which touts itself as the worlds #1 cloud hosting provider. Their brand of cloud web hosting is both affordable and reliable. But what is the cost? Are there tradeoffs in service and features for reliable servers? We take a look at Sitecloud and give you a detailed play-by-play of the value clients receive.
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Within the web hosting industry there are a lot of newcomers who try to become all things to all types of website owners. There are very few hosting companies who have been around for the long haul through the expansion of the internet in the 1990s and the dot-com bust. Hostway is one of those companies formed in 1998 who built their platform based on supplying customers’ needs and being dedicated to customer satisfaction.
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When you look for web hosting candidates, you can easily perform a query on a search engine and get hundreds of thousands of results. But how do you know when to stop browsing results and look deeper into a potential candidate? One candidate you may not find on a typical “web hosts” search is Why? Because they are made up of a number of different brands and serve web hosting needs. They are a major player, providing domain registration and web hosting services through their variety of hosting brands.
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ReliaCloud Hosting Review

ReliaCloud Hosting Review

Cloud computing is changing the ways and companies traditionally use IT resources. Cloud web servers use a different paradigm. Instead of a traditional single server used in dedicated or shared hosting, cloud servers are a connection of multiple servers. This virtual “cloud” of internet connectivity has shown to be very reliable and cost efficient. A company can easily scale up (or down) when their internet computing needs increase.
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Touting to be “the UK’s number 1 web host” FastHosts is home to more websites than any other provider. From personal to business packages, and having both virtual and dedicated servers available to clients, FastHosts certainly has something for almost everyone in the UK with their web hosting services.
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