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WebHostingPad vs. SharkSpace

WebHostingPad vs. SharkSpace

Fast and reliable web hosting is a no-brainer for anyone wishing to publish a website. Whether it is a personal blog or a professional small business website, web hosting needs to be solid in the minds of the website owner.

Both SharkSpace and WebHostingPad have that to offer. Not only do they provide reliable web hosting, both companies back up their service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

SharkSpace does not go into a lot of details on how or when it was founded. Most web hosts are proud of their founder(s) and the awards they’ve won along the way. It does appear that SharkSpace began offering web hosting in 2004, giving them about 6 years of experience in the industry.

WebHostingPad was founded in 2005 with proven industry professionals who were dedicated to designing a web hosting plan that was driven by a price structure based on value.

Here is a look at the two companies side-by-side, and our recommendations about which one we think you should go with as your next web host.


WebHostingPad offers a single web hosting package that goes as low as $1.99 per month of paid 5-years up front. However, even their 12-month plan is just $3.95 per month.

SharkSpace has three plans to offer: the “Baby Shark”, “Hammerhead”, and the “Great White” plan. Prices are as low as $4.45/mo, $7.95/mo, and $15.95/mo respectively.

Products and Services

What else do you get with your web hosting? You can count on WebHostingPad to bring you professional web design services, as well as domain registration with new accounts. They also give clients generous free credits to use toward promoting a website through Google, Yahoo!, and social media.

SharkSpace offers secure SSL certificates for their eCommerce clients, as well as upgraded and dedicated IP addresses. As well, SharkSpace offers VPS hosting for those clients who want the extra privacy, disk space, and bandwidth for their growing businesses.

Web Hosting Features

You can get unlimited email, hosted domains, and MySQL databases with the WebHostingPlan and the top two SharkSpace Plans. WebHostingPad also gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth with each account. SharkSpace offers limited amounts of each. Disk space allowed with the SharkSpace plans are 1 GB, 20 GB, and 100 GB respectively for each plan, though they are promoted in Megabytes on the website to appear like there is much more space.

Both offer the industry’s top control panel software, cPanel, and both support scripting. WebHostingPad also clearly supports popular third-party software, multi-media, and free eCommerce solutions.

Customer Service

Technical support is 24/7/365 for each. However, only WebHostingPad offers live support 24 hours a day through telephone, chat, email, and even Skype. SharkSpace offers support strictly through an online support ticket system.

Both offer virtually an identical online help center with searchable articles and guides.


Our recommendation clearly goes to WebHostingPad. They not only offer the best plan compared to the three that SharkSpace offers, they offer it even cheaper and bring the best support along with it. If you want reliable hosting with great features and support, you can’t go wrong with WebHostingPad.

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3rd November 2010
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