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WebhostingPad VS ReliaCloud

WebhostingPad VS ReliaCloud

Cloud computing is the wave of the future. Through a cleverly designed IT structure, cloud web servers offer more security, more dependability, and even an economic advantage over regular web hosting server structure. That is what ReliaCloud has brought to the hosting industry. Their pricing structure allows an affordable way for small businesses on a budget to experience the advantages of cloud computing.

WebhostingPad is not a cloud server host, but their structure is also just as reliable. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, they have complete faith in their world-class datacenter in Chicago, IL. And not only do they guarantee their service, but they offer it at the lowest price available in the web hosting industry.

How would you choose between these two solid web hosting companies? We take a look at each and compare them side-by-side, and give you a recommendation below.


For price, you just can’t beat WebhostingPad. They offer shared-server web hosting for just $1.99 with four years prepaid. But you can also choose 24-months for $2.95/mo, or even a 12-month plan for $3.95/mo.

ReliaCloud’s price structure is not as simple as a set rate, but can be as low as $0.05 per hour. You pay only for what you use, and that is how it can be economical. However, if you do get regular traffic to your site you’ll be paying higher prices than shared-server. Estimated costs for a basic cloud server package is around $36 per month.

Products and Services

ReliaCloud focuses mainly on their cloud hosting services. While you can get solid computing power, you won’t get much else.

WebhostingPad offers additional services such as free marketing credits for search engine and social media, a free website building tool, and the best control panel offered in the industry with cPanel software. They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

With the WebhostingPad plan you get unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. You’ll get full support for popular 3rd party scripts and software plugins, as well as multi-media. Online merchants will be glad to know they offer free shopping cart software and other eCommerce solutions.

The ReliaCloud plan is difficult to present as a “here’s-what-you-get”, because you pay as you go, and only for the resources you use. You control the bandwidth, and how much disk space you want to use, as well as the number of CPUs. You also determine the software template your website uses, and Windows platforms are available.

Customer Service

While ReliaCloud does offer live technical support, it is only through online chat and not 24 hours a day. WebhostingPad offers 24 hour live support via chat, email, and telephone.

Both have an online knowledgebase with articles and tutorials, but WebshostingPad’s version is much more user-friendly and contains many more articles to help their clients.


Cloud computing is a great way to go, and it is likely to be the web hosting structure of the future. However, pricing is still high, support is minimal, and extra services are missing. For the absolute best price, great products, and outstanding support, WebhostingPad gets our recommendation for your business website.

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